Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Egypt gives details of Spying Charge against Morsi

An Egyptian prosecutor on Sunday accused the ousted Islamist president of passing state secrets to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, the first such explicit detail in an ongoing espionage trial. 
If convicted, Mohammed Morsi could face a death sentence. He already stands accused of a string of other charges, some of which also carry such a penalty, levelled as part of a crackdown on his Muslim Brotherhood group after the military deposed him last summer.
At Sunday’s hearing, part of which was aired on state television, the prosecution accused Morsi and 35 other Brotherhood members of conspiring to destabilize the country and cooperating with foreign militant groups — including the Palestinian Hamas and Lebanon’s Hezbollah. 
The trial, which began Feb. 16, is scheduled to resume Thursday.
The case’s chief prosecutor, Tamer el-Firgani, said Morsi, his aides, and senior Brotherhood members had ‘‘handed over secrets to foreign countries, among them national defense secrets, and handed over a number of security reports to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in order to destabilize the country’s security and stability.’’ 
Firgani, divulging details of the charges, said national security reports meant for only Morsi to see were e-mailed to some of these foreign militant groups. One report, he said, was sent to the Iranians about the activities of Shi’ite Muslims in Egypt. Iran is mostly Shi’ite.
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