Tuesday, February 18, 2014

1 in 4 Americans don't know the Earth Circles the Sun

Americans are enthusiastic about the promise of science but lack basic knowledge of it, with one in four unaware that the Earth revolves around the Sun, said a poll out Friday. 
The survey included more than 2,200 people in the United States and was conducted by the National Science Foundation. 
Ten questions about physical and biological science were on the quiz, and the average score -- 6.5 correct -- was barely a passing grade. 
Just 74 percent of respondents knew that the Earth revolved around the Sun, according to the results released at the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in Chicago.
Read the rest of the story HERE. You can see some of the other questions HERE.

And then there's those Demaboobs that think the Earth circles Obama...

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Ohio JOE said...

Hence, Mr. Obama is President.

RomneyMan said...

That is because it actually don't.
The Earth, Sun and all other solar system bodies orbit the common centre of mass of the solar system. As the sun itself is so massive, this common centre of mass of the solar system does indeed lie inside the suns's oblate spheroid. So actually, the sun itself describes a mini orbit (like a wobble) as it itself orbits the common centre of mass.

BOSMAN said...

Yeah...I wondered what per-cent of the 25% are Demaboobs?

So I did an unscientific survey in my head of the Demaboobs I've had dealings with over the years and the results..........99.9%

Right Wingnut said...

Given that there are actually people who believe Romney may run in 2016 , this comes as no surprise to me.


RW - Those people are called "DELUSIONAL".

cimbri said...

The sun orbits the Milky Way, you can see it way out in the country on a moonless night. Not sure what school RM went to.