Friday, January 24, 2014

Thousands of Veterans Personal Data exposed on Government's 'eBenefits' Website

A software glitch with a Department of Veterans Affairs benefits portal allowed users to access one another’s private information, alarming some veterans groups and lawmakers, who see the incident as the latest mani­festation of an ongoing security problem. 
The issue arose last week on a joint VA-Defense Department site that allows veterans and their dependents to access medical and educational benefits, dis­ability claims, bank information and military personnel records, among other sensitive data.
More than 5,300 users may have been affected by the glitch, according to initial VA estimates. 
VA shut down the eBenefits system on Jan. 15 and brought it back online Sunday. The agency said in a statement Tuesday that it “conducted a full review of the software issue and reinforced its security posture, after determining that the defect had been remedied and the portal was functioning properly.”
“We offer our sincere apologies to any service member, veteran or family member impacted by the software defect and the downtime,” VA said. 
An internal VA memo says about 20 veterans contacted the agency on Jan. 15 to report that they could see the accounts of other users when they logged on. 
The defect has raised concerns among lawmakers and veterans organizations. Some of the groups say their members are growing weary of such mistakes.
We’ve seen VA expose sensitive information about veterans before,” the American Legion’s national commander, Daniel M. Dellinger, said in a statement Wednesday. “Now it has happened with the relatively new eBenefits website. How can VA expect our veterans to file for benefits online when they may be risking identity theft by doing so?”
Read the rest of the story HERE and view a related video below:

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BOSMAN said...

I guess ObamacareNOSIS is contagious..

The information exposed on these VETS were a lot more than..Name, Rank, and serial number.

Make sure you watch the included video. This Vet was pulling other Vet's info off the website while the reporter was there. Bank records, name it..UNBELIEVABLE!

Anonymous said...

Some of these things really make me wonder what the hell is going on in the government.