Sunday, January 5, 2014

Thousands of Illegal Immigrants seek Drivers licenses in Maryland

Thousands of immigrants living here without legal permission will start the new year demonstrating skills in parallel parking and two-point turns in hopes of becoming licensed drivers in Maryland. 
Maryland joins a handful of states on Jan. 1 that issue so-called "second-tier" licenses that allow immigrants who do not have full legal documentation to drive on Maryland roads, register cars and obtain insurance. The licenses will not suffice as federal identification.
Nearly 13,000 immigrants have signed up to take driving tests in the coming weeks, according to state officials. 
Advocacy groups hail the licensing process as a step toward self-sufficiency for many and as a means to promote safety because drivers must know the rules of the road and can get insurance. Others have decried it: Del. Pat McDonough called it a sign that "Maryland has become the Disney World of America for illegal aliens."
"We provide so many benefits and attractions: drivers licenses, the Dream Act educational subsidies, other benefits," the Baltimore County Republican said. 
Del. Ron George, a Republican from Anne Arundel County who is running for governor, said he's concerned about national security, saying that terrorists or gang members could come to Maryland and secure a drivers license.
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BOSMAN said...

You know...when you read story after story like this...Driver licenses..tuition breaks...licenses to practice law.....ALL FOR ILLEGALS living in America, It's hard not to throw your hand up in the air and say..THE HELL WITH IT..what's the point of resisting this mentality that has NO REGARD for our Sovereignty and laws.

BUT THAT'S EXACTLY why we fight it...Why we resist it...Without the rule of law...without a border that's not secure...WE'RE NOTHING.

Is this what we want for those who come after us?


Anonymous said...

Is anyone aware of north and South America is an American?

Are people going back to sixth grade to remember a map and how and how far away England is? People never complain like this with an education.