Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Op-ed: Mission accomplished...Obama style

Mission accomplished...Obama style
By: Diane Sori

“Every person who served in Iraq or Afghanistan never loses that part of them when they come home. It becomes part of their soul.”- former three-star General Mark Hertling

Sometimes reality is cruel but sometimes reality stares us in the face and forces us to face facts, and one of those facts is that it's time we accept...liberal rhetoric aside...that we indeed are at war with islam...all islam...and that thanks to the "absence of conviction" of Barack HUSSEIN Obama we have sadly lost Iraq, as the sustained peace our soldiers fought and died for has NOT come to pass.

When George W. Bush left office the tangible physical war in Iraq had been won so to speak, but now 4,486 American troops have returned home in coffins, three quarters of them killed on Obama's watch. And thanks to Obama, in his role as Commander-in-Chief, forcing our troops to fight politically correct battles for "the hearts and minds" of the enemy instead of fighting those battles to win, there was a major resurgence in violence over this past year across the western province of Anbar, resulting in the black flag of al-Qaeda now flying over government buildings in Fallujah. And as the jihadists declare an Islamic state in a city in one of the most critical areas we fought hard to secure and temper down before Obama's telling the enemy...telling the world...when exactly American forces would be leaving became reality....seeing that flag symbolically stained with the blood of our American heroes flying in victory, sadly proclaims for all to see that our fighting and our dying was for naught.

And it took Obama just five years to lose all the gains we had made in Iraq...for Obama NOT only lost the war...or what he calls 'an overseas contingency'...but he sold out the peace...for that simple black al-Qaeda flag announces to the world the total failure of his policies in Iraq.

And it announces NOT just defeat but now his actions...or lack thereof...spits on the graves of the 3000+ Americans lost on September 11th when that very same al-Qaeda changed America forever. America's enemy...the one's Obama claimed were "decimated and on the run"...were anything but for as they regrouped and grew stronger Barack HUSSEIN Obama...America's very own 'enemy within'... looked away for our enemy is his friend...a friend he gave the chance to just wait it out until we left and then take back what American blood had been spilled for.

And now some are saying...and maybe rightly so...that the war in Iraq was possibly the biggest waste of American lives, American money, and American time in our nation's history. And when you compare Iraq to the aftermath of World War II there is some credence to what those folks are saying.

Remember, when Japan and Germany were occupied after the war the rules we set for the occupation were strictly enforced and the occupation lasted for years, which gave those countries time to restructure themselves to become successful modern nations, something we did NOT do in Iraq or for that fact we are NOT doing now in Afghanistan.

But thanks to the Obama liberals, to the leftists, to the kumbaya Democrats who dared NOT step on muslim toes, all we did when Obama sold us and the Iraqi people out was leave behind arms, equipment, and training programs so that the locals could create a viable fighting force, but we did NOT leave people there to train them, and so now all those arms and equipment are rotting across the landscape of Iraq.

And so what we hoped to win, we actually were destined to lose.

And the very basis for our being destined to lose...besides having a traitor sitting in the White because it was NEVER admitted least NOT publicly...that we are indeed at war with islam for if you do NOT recognize who the enemy is how can you be victorious over them. And like I said in the beginning of this piece we are most assuredly at war with ALL of islam for those who simply follow the tenets of islam cannot be separated from those who commit unspeakable acts in the name of islam. And America's Judeo-Christian mindset cannot fathom nor understand the vileness of those whose very so-called holy book (the qur'an) commands them to kill all who do NOT believe as they do. And it's our total awe of that very unspeakable understanding that prevents us from doing what we all know needs to be done and accepting the fact that our Judeo-Christian America...a nation whose very ideals, values, morals, and beliefs were founded upon the word of the one true living God of the Christians and Jews...can NEVER co-exist in peace with those who relish and welcome death over life.

So sadly, something deep in our hearts we knew was coming but dared NOT speak of, al-Qaeda flags now fly over both Fallujah and Ramadi. And for those who fought the good fight...for those who came home damaged in body and mind...that reality is hard to accept as it should be.

“It brings back a lot of anger,” said U.S. Marine Staff Sgt. Paul, who served in the Iraqi cities of Fallujah and Ramadi. “I feel like it’s been a big waste of time. It’s kind of like, why the hell did all my buddies die there for."

And how right he is for because of Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his misguided allegiances and policies we have lost Iraq...and probably will lose Afghanistan our brave troops are NOT returning home as the victors they should be but as those in defeat...and that is something that this most miserable of presidents must be both called to task for and made to answer for...period.

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