Friday, January 3, 2014

NYT: Boehner 'Signaled' he 'May Embrace' a Series of Limited Changes to the Nation’s Immigration Laws

Speaker John A. Boehner of Ohio has signaled he may embrace a series of limited changes to the nation’s immigration laws in the coming months, giving advocates for change new hope that 2014 might be the year that a bitterly divided Congress reaches a political compromise to overhaul the sprawling system. 
Mr. Boehner has in recent weeks hired Rebecca Tallent, a longtime immigration adviser to Senator John McCain, the Arizona Republican who has long backed broad immigration changes. Advocates for an overhaul say the hiring, as well as angry comments by Mr. Boehner critical of Tea Party opposition to the recent budget deal in Congress, indicates that he is serious about revamping the immigration system despite deep reservations from conservative Republicans. 
Aides to Mr. Boehner said this week that he was committed to what he calls “step by step” moves to revise immigration laws, which they have declined to specify. 
But other House Republicans, who see an immigration overhaul as essential to wooing the Hispanic voters crucial to the party’s fortunes in the 2016 presidential election, said they could move on separate bills that would fast-track legalization for agricultural laborers, increase the number of visas for high-tech workers and provide an opportunity for young immigrants who came to the country illegally as children to become American citizens. 
Although the legislation would fall far short of the demands being made by immigration activists, it could provide the beginnings of a deal.
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My first reaction is to bad mouth Boehner..But I won't.

This is the New York Times after all...Hilliary Clinton territory....AND MOST IMPORTANTLY takes the subject off OMAMACARE. ...hahahaha....Now why would they want to do that?........I'm not taking the bait.

I think I'll save my rage until Boehner 'actually' does something or says he's going to do something on immigration that deserves my rage.
"Aides to Mr. Boehner said this week that he was committed to what he calls “step by step” moves to revise immigration laws, which they have declined to specify."
Now I don't mind "step by step" as long as STEP 1 is SECURING THE BORDER and doesn't include amnesty.

Until we hear it from his mouth..we don't know what step one is. At THIS POINT, this is all hearsay and wishful thinking. The NYT's trying to connect the dots for you.

As far as Immigration goes....if I were Boehner, I'd set up months of committee meetings on immigration. TALKING doesn't hurt anything and we'd be doing LOTS AND LOTS of it over the next eleven months until AFTER the 2014 elections.

IN THE MEAN TIME...the OBAMACARE FIASCO would continue to be on the front Burner EVERY SINGLE DAY. I would make sure House members had their ear to their constituents as they gather horror stories to share with the rest of America EVERY TIME they speak with a reporter or are interviewed on TV.

WE CAN'T let the liberal media, Team Obama, and the Democrats CHANGE THE SUBJECT from ObamaMESS to something else.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you Bosman. Until they actually DO something, it's all hearsay, and strategy. Right now Boehner enjoys the confidence of the very House members who one year ago were calling for his ouster. He's won them over, for the time being, and I don't think he is so stupid as to start another war in the House. Let's hope he's smart, and does exactly what you say--keep ObamaCare on the front page for a long long time.

What is the rush to immigration? I realize big business is the consideration, and we keep hearing that this is all that matter to Republicans, but I'm not so sure it's going to play out as some people are hoping.



Stop kidding yourselves, folks.

John Boehner is BOUGHT AND PAID FOR by big business campaign donors whose NUMBER ONE PRIORITY IS AMNESTY for tens of millions of illegal aliens and fast track legalization for their tens of millions of family members still residing in Latin America.

What has he "done" you ask?

He recently hired John McCain's amnesty guru, Rebecca Tallent, to help craft new amnesty legislation, and then sell it to the American people.

And he recently told his big business bag men ( that he would try to push through amnesty legislation after the 2014 primary filing deadlines have passed, in order to avoid Tea Party challenges against Republican representatives who vote "yea" on amnesty.

Perhaps this is why Boehner has a 20% APPROVAL RATING among Ohioans and a 40% APPROVAL RATING in his own congressional district(50% is considered "safe" for an incumbent's re-election bid).

It's all here. Read it and weep. Then get off your azz and do everything you can to stop Boehner's amnesty push!!!

Anonymous said...

CC/NH/Rapist defender,

Boehner has never once said anything about passing amnesty, nor did he hire her to 'craft amnesty legislation'. That is putting words in his mouth. He has repeatedly said he wants to pass sensible reform piece by piece. You don't know what exactly he has in mind any better than I do.

You are paranoid, as usual. Boehner is NOT going to anything to ruffle the feathers of the right wing of the House. Unless he is stupid, and last I checked, he's not.



LOL @ Martha The Delusional Paranoid Schizophrenic Village Kook & Hypocrite With NO LIFE Other Than Stalking & Flaming On The Internet, and worshiping in a church founded by notorious POLYGAMIST & PEDOPHILE Joseph Smith.

I'm not paranoid, Martha. YOU are. And you're an IGNORANT FOOL as well, who has nothing but EMPTY RHETORIC to back up her silly, juvenile, imbecilic arguments.

No links, no facts, no logic, no nothing. Just continual empty rhetoric from Martha - Right Speak's resident cockroach, cancer and clown.

Anonymous said...

Sad, so sad. But consider the source, lol. Our angry pedophile defender.


Anonymous said...

Cruziehugger, really? You mean... he's doing this for the show stopper? Seriously? I guess for you, unless they are in front of a camera reading green eggs and ham, they are useless.