Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Study: Majority of Campuses Severely Limit Free Speech

And that's an improvement. According to a new report released by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, a non-profit educational organization, 59 percent of campuses around the country severely restrict free speech. These campuses maintain restrictions on students through speech codes and other policies. Here are the main findings from the report: 
59% (58.6%) of the 427 schools surveyed have speech codes that clearly and substantially restrict protected speech. (FIRE labels these “red light” schools.) Another 35.6% have “yellow light” policies that overregulate speech on campus.
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This represents a nearly 17% decline in red light schools from six years ago, when policies at 75% of schools seriously restricted student speech. 
The percentage of red light public schools, which are legally bound by the First Amendment, continued to drop, from 61.6% last year to 57.6% this year. 
The percentage of red light private schools (which promise free speech but do not deliver it) also fell, from 63.4% last year to 61.5% this year. 
In more good news, Eastern Kentucky University eliminated all of its speech codes this year, earning FIRE’s highest, “green light,” rating.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I took more than a couple of LEFTIST run classes in college where students were mostly conservatives. In one of these classes students were not allowed to speak at all.

All of these classes used grades to punish views contrary to the Leftist 'teachers.' These actually have job as a propaganda bribe, and they know it.