Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mitt Romney interview on the NBC's 'TODAY' (Full interview 01-24-14)



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Anonymous said...

I hope and pray Mitt Romney reconsiders and runs again in 2016.

Unless he does... at current we do not have a good candidate for 2016.

RomneyMan said...


Go to 'move on dot com'


@ Anonymous 11:41 AM

The GOP certainly does have a good candidate for 2016 - TED CRUZ - the only Republican running who can UNITE THE PARTY by appealing to fiscal, social, constitutional and national security conservatives. The only Republican running who has the courage of his convictions. The only Republican running who has the rhetorical skills to OBLITERATE Hillary, Biden, Cuomo or whomever else Democrats put up on the debating stage against him.

Forget about Romney. Been there, done that. Like RM said, it's time to MOVE ON.

Anonymous said...

Ted Cruz may be smart, articulate and well-meaning. He may also be right on the issues. (There's just not a whole lot of daylight between any of them, frankly.) but he's the least likely potential candidate to unite the GOP. That's a fact, I think it's fair to say, based upon his past record. He's a lot more divisive then uniting. I don't see that changing. He doesn't care about how his actions make life difficult for the party--leaders and all of us. That is the great flaw of Ted Cruz. There's really no path to the nomination for him. He makes Paul look positively electable by comparison. And that is remarkable.


Anonymous said...

Plus, to say he's the only one with courage of his convictions is shameful, I think, and indicative of the mindless type of cult worship that tends to follow Cruz.


Anonymous said...

I didn't watch the interview, but I too, wish we still somehow had the chance to elect Romney. He's still the most qualified and needed person to sort out the mess we're in. But it's not possible from where we sit today. He knows it. Something truly extraordinary would need to happen.

Too bad for us.


cimbri said...

Romney can't run again, so he should probably cut back on the interviews and public appearances. I don't want people to start deriding him as the guest who wouldn't leave. He should help raise money, and do those kinds of things.

Christie obviously is our most formidable candidate. I've never seen the entire liberal intelligentsia attempt to knock out a candidate years before a general election. Cruz is barely a blip on the radar and would be lucky to be able to compete with Huck, much less Gov. Christie.