Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Marco Rubio has some tough choices to make in the next 12 Months

Marco Rubio is facing the most consequential decision of his political career since entering the U.S. Senate campaign that made him a national figure: to seek re-election or to run for president. 
The next 12 months will shape his choice and it comes with an intriguing twist because both offices are open in 2016. Florida law bars a federal candidate from appearing twice on the same ballot but Rubio can essentially chase the presidency without surrendering the safer re-election campaign.
"The question for anyone in public office is, 'Is there another place from which I can pursue these things I believe in and be even more effective?' " the Republican senator said in an interview with the Tampa Bay Times. 
He says he'll reach a conclusion around this time next year, but he'll have to drop strong clues this year. 
"I really can't tell you today where I'll be. A lot can change between now and then."
The uncertainly belies a carefully planned, if not always seen, effort by Rubio and his team to position for a presidential bid. He has raised millions through his Reclaim America PAC, investing in consultants and growing a national donor base. Rubio also has been meeting with top fundraisers in New York, California, Florida and other moneyed states.
In April, while in Las Vegas to attend a Republican Jewish Coalition meeting, Rubio sat down with Sheldon Adelson, the casino mogul who used super PACs to spend at least $100 million in the 2012 presidential election. 
Rubio has begun writing his second book, on the future of the country and the Republican Party, which will come out after the fall midterm elections, just as presidential hype soars, affording a platform, publicity and travel opportunities. 
"The goal for those of us on his team is to keep as many doors open as possible, so that no matter what he decides, we'll be ready," said Todd Harris, a chief strategist.
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1 comment:

RomneyMan said...

Will run for re-election imo.

Would have been a stellar candidate.....but blew it on immigration.
Is only hope is that amongst the current '16 players talked about, except for Cruz, they all have issues with immigration. So he certainly isn't alone.
If Jeb runs, that would be another lights out scenario too.