Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Get Ready for Self-Driving Cars

Annual sales of self-driving cars worldwide — including those that require some driver input — will balloon from 230,000 in 2025 to 11.8 million by 2035, a new study predicts. 
That would result in a cumulative total of 54 million self-driving cars in use around the world by that year, says consultants IHS Automotive. 
And it's not just self-driving cars...
It's no longer a question whether such cars will be built, but how soon and how many. Already, virtually all major automakers are working on self-driving technologies. The experiments started with tech giant Google and have spread. The IHS report comes as the Consumer Electronics Show is about to begin in Las Vegas. Audi and Toyota unveiled self-driving technologies at the show last year, and more examples are expected. 
By 2050, IHS predicts, nearly all vehicles — private and commercial — will be self-driving cars (SDCs). As more hit the road, the roads will be safer, it says.
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