Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Egypt will hold it's Presidential Election before Parliament Polls

Egypt’s interim president said Sunday that the country will hold presidential elections before parliamentary polls, promising that a rise in ‘‘dark terrorism’’ won’t derail a transition to democracy after a July 3 popularly backed military coup. 
The announcement by Adly Mansour, expected after weeks of speculation, comes as many think army chief General Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi will run for president after leading the coup that toppled Islamist President Mohammed Morsi.
General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi (R) comforts the father of 
an officer who was killed last weekend in Sinai Photo Reuters
But Egypt remains dangerously divided, as seen in clashes Saturday that pitted security forces and civilians who back the interim government against Morsi supporters, killing 49 people. There has also been a rise in militant attacks, including one on Sunday that killed three soldiers in the country’s Sinai Peninsula.
Egypt’s interim president, Adly Mansour
In a brief nationally televised speech, Mansour said he will ask Egypt’s election commission to open the door for presidential candidates to register. 
Egypt’s newly adopted constitution calls for the first election to be held within 90 days of its passage, or before the end of April, with the parliamentary polls held before the end of July.
There have been growing calls for Sissi to run, with many among Egypt’s turmoil-exhausted public saying only a strongman can deal with the country’s myriad problems, such as restoring stability and legitimizing the interim government installed after Morsi’s ouster. 
‘‘The country needs a strong president, more than it needs a Parliament or elected lawmakers,’’ said Omar Gamaleddin, a Cairo resident. ‘‘This is a good decision.’’
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