Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A British op-ed: Mass immigration is Destroying our Once Great Nation

H/T RomneyMan

As you read the following op-ed, I want you to compare what the author is feeling with what WE HERE are experiencing on a smaller scale (AT THIS POINT) with our Illegal Immigration problems

But for a few name changes here and there, (example: Mexico instead of Eastern Europe) this could very well be us in the not so far away future:

The day of destiny has almost arrived. Another stage is about to be reached in the destruction of national identity and our existence as an independent country. From the beginning of January, all restrictions will be lifted on immigration to Britain of people from Bulgaria and Romania. Under European Union free movement laws, the 28 million citizens of these two countries will have the legal right to settle here.
The vast new influx of eastern European migrants will be the next step in the revolution that has engulfed our country in recent years. A relentless flood of arrivals, running at a rate of more than 500,000 a year, has already transformed the very fabric of our society. As a result of our open borders Britain is now the most overcrowded nation in Europe. By 2015 our population density will be twice that of Germany and more than four times that of France.
With five million foreigners arriving here since 2001 the pace and extent of the demographic change has been phenomenal. 
At least a third of all babies born in Britain have at least one foreign parent, a figure rising to an astonishing 90 per cent in some London boroughs. 
In several of our urban conurbations, such as Leicester, Slough and Luton, white British people are significantly in a minority. It is no wonder that many ordinary Britons now feel like aliens in their own land.
WHAT is so sickening is that we never voted for this upheaval. Mass immigration and the creation of a multi-cultural society have all been imposed without a shred of democratic consent. Opinion polls show that the overwhelming majority of the public want tighter border controls. 
Yet this natural instinct is treated with contempt by the bullying ideologues of the proimmigration brigade, who hurl accusations of racism and xenophobia against anyone who dares challenge their project.
Read the rest of the story HERE.

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BOSMAN said...

I believe that everything happening in Great Britain with ILLEGALS and their rotten Immigration system is COMING ATTRACTIONS for us here...IF WE DON'T SMARTEN UP.

Many Brits want things to return to the way they were 20-30 years a time when if you were in Britain, you knew you were there.....Not so much anymore...Demographics there have TOTALLY CHANGED...and so has the atmosphere there.....and not for the better.

RomneyMan said...

The UK has around 1 million illegals (estimated, like 11 million is the estimated US number). The massive issue was the fabric of society changing policies of the Labour Gov't there, which virtually opened the door once elected in '97. In 13 years society's make up changed dramatically. This is irreversible.
Their MSM press still claim there is NOTHING WRONG too.
The country still sees masses of migrants still flocking it. Their EU membership sees that they have ZERO control over EU immigration, and, laughably, they can supposedly control non- EU immigration---yet that still accounts for 70% + of net immigration.
Their population has increased in a decade of so from 60 million to 64 million and ALL of it (once you take away birth/death rates), due to immigration entry plus higher birth rates from (typically) southern Asian migrants. A 7% country population rise in a whisper of time. Which as the article states, is unsustainable (esp considering it's due to hit 70 million in 10 or so year, which will be, overall, a 17% population increase in a generation- primarily migrant based!!, imagine what that does to their healthcare, transport systems, pensions, benefits, house prices etc).

RomneyMan said...

In fact, I just did a bit of research and the figures are EVEN WORSE than I stated above.

1997 UK population was 58.3 million (not 60 mill)

2027 UK population prediction is 70 million (as stated in prior post, and this figure is reported on lots of sources, not just outliners)

So, in 30 year, or say a generation, the UK population will increase by [ (70 - 58.3) / 58.3] = 20%

So in a generation, a country's population increases by 20% (!!!) entirely fuelled by immigration!

You' d think that was creepy sci-fi if you read that 50 or so years ago.
Why on earth to countries do that to themselves.