Friday, December 20, 2013

WSJ/NBC Poll: Why are WOMEN SO WRONG on Hot Button Issues?

The gender gap is alive and well in American politics. Indeed, it may be the defining characteristic of our political system as next year's midterm elections beckon. We're not talking here just about the well-established pattern in which women are more likely to vote Democratic and men Republican in presidential elections. That's true, but it appears to be only the tip of a gender-gap iceberg.
On virtually all the hot-button issues that bedevil Washington today—guns, health, how to fix the economy, the state of the Obama presidency—the difference between men and women is striking. And it all adds up to a large difference in what men and women prefer in next year's congressional elections. Indeed, if anyone doubts the significance of gender differences, just consider this finding from the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, completed last week: 52% of men say they want that election to produce a Congress under Republican control, while just 38% of women feel that way.
"Women have a very different sense about the role of government, and, of course, are in reality more economically vulnerable," says Bill McInturff, a Republican pollster who co-directs the Journal/NBC survey along with Democrat Fred Yang. The gaps pose a strategic quandary for both political parties heading into an election year. Should Republicans worry about improving their poor standing among women, or instead seek to take advantage of their strong standing among men? And for Democrats, vice versa. To sense the broad nature of this divide, simply ponder some other findings from that survey:

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RomneyMan said...

It is because, in life, women are wrong on all issues.

BOSMAN said...

Hahahaha...The title says it all...Hey...I'm just the Messenger..

Anonymous said...

With this healthcare debacle, women just might wake up and realize government isn't your friend. We can only hope!

But they are ready to vote for Hillary in droves, so I'm not that hopeful.



Anonymous said...

I had an experience about 15 years ago or so that opened my eyes about women/moms. I was at an elementary school awards assembly to see my daughter receive an award. It happened to be earth day, and the school had recently been designated a green school, and they were doing it to the hilt--permeating the curriculum, songs, recycling everything etc.

When the assembly started, we were instructed to stand and say a pledge to the flag of the earth hanging in the gym. The words of it were posted on a big screen for us parents, but the children already knew it. I was horrified beyond belief and did not participate. But as I looked around at the other moms--people I assumed were my conservative, religious fellow mothers-in-arms, even some of my friends, I saw them all happily reciting the words! Not a shred of curious looks or doubt.

I have often wondered about that. It guess most moms are just too busy being moms to care all that much about political things, or to question what the school is teaching their children.

After that, I allowed my children to stay home on earth day for years. To the school's credit, the earth day nonsense only went on for a few years. They toned it way way down.