Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Will Boehner move on Immigration to spite his Tea Party Critics?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) believes Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) will negotiate on comprehensive immigration reform next year, despite his declarations to the contrary. 
The Democratic leader argued that Boehner has a new willingness to confront Tea Party groups and this, in turn, gives Reid confidence that he will not have to break up the Senate immigration bill to negotiate a series of piecemeal reforms with the House.
“I think that John Boehner will conference with the Senate. Why wouldn’t he? He’ll have a lot of pressure from his members now that the election is getting closer,” Reid said in an interview with The Hill. “Some of his members are in very marginal districts where they need to do something on immigration,” he added.
Boehner has vowed he will not let the Senate bill, which spans more than 1,200 pages, reach the negotiating table. The most controversial element of the package is a provision granting a pathway to citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants.
“We have no intention of ever going to conference on the Senate bill,” Boehner told reporters last month. 
A spokesman for Boehner said his boss is sticking to his strategy. 
“The Speaker has been very clear that the House will only address immigration reform in a step-by-step common-sense manner,” said Boehner spokesman Michael Steel. 
Boehner has been under pressure from conservative members of his conference not to pass even smaller pieces of immigration reform.
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RomneyMan said...

All jokes aside, and I acknowledge that I have been ripped up on this site for eons of time, but amnesty for 11 million plus illegals would be complete devastation to future democracy, with thereafter one party rule (and forget all the 'republicans will have to earn the 'new' Latinos' votes trash talk- the world's a more liberal place and get any idea of a GOP winning 50-60% of Hispanics- unless they are even more Democrat-like than they are already out of your head).
There is more to amnesty than the likes of Boehner, Ryan, Rubio,or whatever Dem. It can't be just about an individual. It would be beyond sad to see a country well and truly willingly concede its end, and those people who voted for that to happen, to just retire into the twilight and let their decedents pick up the prices, would be responsible for a complete travesty.
The US's adversaries would be high fiving if an amnesty/pathway/earned citizenship- or whatever PC mumbo jumbo they use this week-passes.

All jokes aside, forget OB getting one over for good, and all the other connotations and quarrels, amnesty is just too big an error to occur.
Let us all hope it don't.

Ohio JOE said...

Immigration cuts across Tea Party versus non-Tea Party line. If he really wants to piss off the Tea Party, he should continue to raise taxes, spending and fund ObamaCare. Oh wait!

Anonymous said...

Well said, Ohio Joe. I think we KNOW Obama seeks to tick off the Tea Party, check out Obama's IRS. The thing we ought to realize, is something Obama realized: the Tea Party is a formidable grassroots movement that brought about a Republican landslide in 2010.

BOSMAN said...

I personally don't think Boehner will cave on THIS ONE.

AT LEAST not until after the 2014 elections.

The GOP doesn't need another disaster that 'THEY' contributed too.

ObamaMESS IS 'ALL' The Democrats ALL BY THEIR LONESOME and will give us back the Senate in 2014.

It won't change much...but at least with both houses we can keep Obama on a short leash until 2016......other than anything he tries through executive order.

Ohio JOE said...

Well, Bosmann, I hope you are right, but what makes you think that way other than being optomistic?

BOSMAN said...

"Well, Bosman, I hope you are right, but what makes you think that way other than being optomistic?"

Because even an idiot (Boehner) can see that Democrats are on the run and are looking for anything to change the subject