Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Two NJ Cops seem to have been Suspended for Serving in the Military

Two local Iraq veterans say a local police department wants to fire them because they served in the military. 
The officers have already been suspended and they fear they'll lose their jobs. 
They say they're being punished for taking time off from their job to serve in the military. 
They work in the police department in Bloomfield, New Jersey. 
"I'm still stunned that this is going on this far," said Michael McCracken, a suspended Bloomfield Police Officer. 
Mike McCracken is a 16-year veteran of the Bloomfield, New Jersey Police Department, a Marine, and an Iraqi war veteran, who served two tours. He is now suspended without pay, after a departmental investigation claimed that he abused military leave time for a period of days several years ago. 
"I'm 100 percent legal in whatever I've done," McCracken said. 
Fellow Bloomfield officer and soldier Hector Cartagena, who also served in Iraq, is suspended for the same allegations. 
"I'm still in shock this is happening at once," said Hector Cartagena, a suspended Bloomfield Police Officer. 
Both men believe they are being targeted for serving their country. Their attorney says there are tapes where Bloomfield Police Department internal investigators complained about military absences by the officers.
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