Friday, December 13, 2013

The GOP is Ahead or Tied in 8 Key Senate Battleground States

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow… and let the polls continue to show the odds of the Democrats losing their majority are rapidly growing. 
The Rothenberg Political Report’s Nathan Gonzalez recently wrote that, “Democrats might want to consider opening their minds to the potential of another midterm nightmare.” A quick glance at the latest polls coming out of battleground states reveals that Gonzalez is onto something. Let’s have a look: 
Michigan: This morning even a liberal PPP survey shows Terri Lynn Land leading Gary Peters by 2 points. More impressive is that PPP’s sample was +5 Dem when it should be more like +1/2 Dem. As we’ve stressed, not only is Michigan in play, but the odds look even.
Arkansas: Politico’s James Hohmann reports that “Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor trails his Republican challenger, Rep. Tom Cotton, by seven points among likely voters in Arkansas, 48-41%…. Cotton is ahead among independents by 21 points and among women by 4 points.” As we’ve stressed, Mark Pryor is the most vulnerable Senator in America and appears to be running the Blanche Lincoln 2.0 playbook and that Arkansas is on a clear path to flip red in 2014.
Louisiana: Two weeks ago, a Southern Media poll showed that support for Mary Landrieu in Louisiana dropped more than 10 points amid the ObamaCare disaster. Now, the Louisiana blogger “The Hayride” reports that “Many people thought the 41 percent she polled in last month’s SMOR survey was her floor; turns out it isn’t… …There’s another poll out there on Landrieu’s re-election which isn’t public, but it has Landrieu sitting well below 40 percent and without a lead on Bill Cassidy.” As we’ve stressed, if Mark Pryor is the most vulnerable Senator in America, his neighbor to the south Mary Landrieu comes in 2nd for that title by a hair.
Find out what other States the GOP is Leading/Tied in and read the rest of the story HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahaha! Great pic!


BOSMAN said...

If there is any good in Obamacare at all, THIS IS IT!

EVERYONE needs to hammer Obamacare and those that voted for it NON-STOP until the 2014 November Elections.


Anonymous said...

Yes, absolutely. No distractions. Especially not immigration!