Sunday, December 8, 2013

Scott Brown seems to be Warming to a Senate Run in New Hampshire

Former Republican Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts likes to joke that his sole ambitions now are to master Spanish and the electric guitar. 
Increasing signs point to an added aim: A possible Senate run next year in neighboring New Hampshire against the Democratic incumbent, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen. 
Mr. Brown catapulted to national attention in 2010 by winning the late Ted Kennedy's Senate seat on a wave of unease over the Democratic push to pass a national health-care overhaul.
If he runs again, it will likely be thanks to another backlash, this time over the rocky rollout of the law itself. Republicans in New Hampshire, many of them eager for Mr. Brown to get in, say Ms. Shaheen's support for the health-care law has weakened her. 
Ms. Shaheen, Mr. Brown said in an interview, "needs to explain to voters why she was the deciding vote on Obamacare." Ms. Shaheen's office declined to comment.
The former state lawmaker and real-estate lawyer says he has got plenty of time. "I'm under no pressure and in no hurry to make a decision," he said in an email he dictated, with apologies, over his iPhone. 
GOP operatives in the state point to his visits to New Hampshire, where he owns a home, as mounting evidence of interest in the race. Democrats say the national GOP is doing all it can to force Mr. Brown to run.
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RomneyMan said...

You'd think he's have learned his lesson after being ousted easily by Warren in MA