Saturday, December 28, 2013

Paul Ryan on Pope Francis: He's 'Triggering Exact Dialogue We Should Be Having'

Pope Francis' controversial economic views have startled Republicans who are now having to rethink their relationship with the Catholic church, according to Politico. 
The pontiff has recently attacked "trickle-down economics, saying that the theory has never been confirmed by fact," and "that it expresses a crude and naïve trust in the goodness of those wielding economic power." 
The pope also criticized "the idolatry of money" and slammed capitalism as a "new tyranny." 
As Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio he frequently traveled by
Subway in Argentina when not driving his old Renault
Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, a Catholic who is considered a potential Republican presidential candidate in 2016, said that he did not believe that Francis was a Marxist. But he pointed out in an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that the pontiff's background is rooted in the Peronist movement in Argentina, where the state took a leading role in the economy. 
"The guy is from Argentina, they haven’t had real capitalism in Argentina,” Ryan said. "They have crony capitalism in Argentina. They don’t have a true free enterprise system." 
He added, "What I love about the pope is he is triggering the exact kind of dialogue we ought to be having."
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