Monday, December 23, 2013

North Korea threatens FAX ATTACK

North Korea has ramped up the rhetoric against South Korea again through its weapon of choice this year: the fax machine. 
South Korea’s Defense Ministry said Friday a letter from the North’s National Defense Commission addressed to the South’s presidential office was faxed early Thursday via the military communication link between the two sides, threatening a “merciless” attack on South Korea.
The letter objected to the “repeated extra-large provocations to North Korea’s highest dignity taking place in the middle of Seoul” and warned of “a merciless retaliation without warning,” according to ministry spokesman Kim Min-seok. 
The threat was a reference to demonstrations held in the South by conservative activists and North Korean refugee groups this week to mark the second anniversary of the death of Kim Jong Il.
The protesters burned effigies of three generations of the North Korean dictatorship and footage was shown on national television. The stunt is a familiar scene on significant days for North Korea. 
The ministry faxed a response back that promised “resolute punishment” would follow any provocation from the North, Mr. Kim said. He added that there weren’t any unusual signs in the North’s military activity, though annual winter drills are taking place.
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