Thursday, December 26, 2013

Las Vegas is out to land the 2016 GOP Convention

Tech and gadget junkies flock here annually by the thousands. So do the people who make auto parts, broadcast the news, and manufacture apparel and furniture. 
But for all the conventions and trade shows Las Vegas has hosted, none has ever been devoted to nominating a major party presidential candidate. 
Nevada leaders are out to change that with a major effort to land the 2016 Republican National Convention in Las Vegas.
"This is what we do. We're exceedingly good at it," says Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki, a Republican and chairman of the Nevada Host Committee. "This is the perfect venue to host a national convention." 
Kansas City begs to differ. Leaders there think their home is the ideal locale for the GOP event. So do people in Salt Lake City and Phoenix, which were finalists last year, and Cleveland, Columbus and Denver. They've all expressed some level of interest about 2016. In all, 26 cities are expected to submit bids to the Republican National Committee (RNC) by Feb. 26.
The reward could be a lucrative. Tampa saw an economic impact of about $404 million, according to a study conducted after it hosted the 2012 Republican convention. Charlotte, which hosted President Obama and Democrats last year, saw a total impact of about $164 million. 
So for the next few weeks, cities are pulling together the information needed to satisfy the RNC's 47-point checklist — detailing everything from available convention venues and hotel rooms to transportation and the available labor and volunteer force. The RNC also wants to know if cities can raise the private funds needed — estimated to be at least $50 million — to stage an event for about 50,000 delegates, journalists and other visitors.
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