Wednesday, December 4, 2013

It's no wonder there's a Doctor shortage..they're all running Congress in 2014

Eleven Republican doctors are running for the Senate, hoping that voters will see their medical expertise as an asset amid the administration’s botched rollout of ObamaCare. 
“Doctors are in a very unique position to look at the financing of healthcare,” Rep. Paul Broun, a family physician running for the GOP nomination for Georgia’s open Senate seat, told The Hill. 
“We go into medicine for one reason, and one reason only: Because we care about people, we want the people who we serve to have a productive, happy, healthy life,” he added. “That’s the kind of policymaker we should have in place in dealing with healthcare policy.” 
Doctors running in Senate races from North Carolina to Oregon are all pitching voters on their experience in the medical field. 
It’s not unusual for doctors to seek elected office. But it’s not necessarily typical for them to win, however. The Senate counts only three physicians in its ranks. Last year, former Surgeon General Richard Carmona, a Democrat who ran largely on his record in medicine, lost to now-Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.). 
A 2012 Gallup survey rated medical doctors as the third most-trustworthy profession, below only nurses and pharmacists. 
In contrast, members of Congress were second from the bottom, considered more trustworthy than only care salespeople. 
That makes physician candidates well poised to hammer home a main Republican narrative that has emerged in recent weeks — that Democrats who pledged to Americans they could keep their insurance under ObamaCare are untrustworthy.
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I didn't realize there were several there already other than the big names like the Paul, Couburn, and Barrasso. Learn more about them HERE.

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BOSMAN said...

I thought that the fact 11 Doctors were running in 2014 was an amazing figure.

A quick google told me this:

"There are a total of 20 physician members of the 113th Congress including three senators, 16 representatives and a delegate."

I've included a link in the article that tells you about them as well.