Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Boehner Hires McCain’s Amnesty Captain to Handle Immigration

Boehner has hired McCain's amnesty chief? Say it ain't so. Hard to believe Republicans would be stupid enough to push amnesty right now--or maybe it's not that hard to believe.

Read about it here.

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Anonymous said...

I've sort of been on the fence on immigration for a long time. After the last election, I felt like the GOP needed to do something possibly, but not necessarily all out amnesty. I believe there are good, compassionate solutions. Now I think we would be out of our minds to touch it. Giving Obama an out of the Obamacare mess would be criminal. Giving him some success to claim would be evil. Trusting him would be insane. Is the GOP insane, or are they just plain stupid? I've been holding out hope that they are just posturing to look good. Now I don't know.


cimbri said...

The ACA thing is going to drag on for years. The Rs probably figure they can't just sit there for years on end, waiting for Nov. 2016.

The question is, do we get a better deal now, or a better deal later? There will be a deal at some point. Evidently, not enough people agreed with Romney on self deportation, and since all of them will not be deported, the illegals staying here seems to be a fait accompli.

Make the deal, give them a 180 day visa renewable each year, and get an ironclad agreement that the fortified fence is included in the deal. That's a lot better than the current situation.

RomneyMan said...

"'ve sort of been on the fence on immigration for a long time."

Epic pun

Lovin' the amnesty posters who think it's fine to warrent pathways to citizenship to people- while allowing those people to still remain in a country which they entered illegally lol. What a deal for the illegals.

Next bank robbers will be given pathways to redemption, whilst still living and banking at the same joint they robbed.

1) Amnesty will be lights out electorally for the GOP and in a generation you'll have one party rule. How's that for democracy

2) And it will be your man Obama who, together with healthcare, will be the one to go down in history books as the political genius that buried them.

3) And every time, no matter how much the Rs rip into OB in the press, and in their me me me interviews, they always cave into him in the end.
You watch, amnesty will be the final cave in that will finish the party off in a generation's time.

Anonymous said...

No Deal whatsoever. They are here illegally. I can't go rob a bank and stay out of jail, so why should the get citizenship. Send them all home. If Republicans pass this, they can kiss their butts goodbye as they won't get reelected. Plus Boehner's being a coward, won't put it for a vote until after all the Republican primaries are done for 2014 so they can't be challenged. Hopefully, people hear of this and start challenging these RINOs. If they pass this, the Republican party will be no more as people like myself will no longer support these so called Republicans.

cimbri said...

Okay, well then they keep coming in, since the fence is not being finished.

Just put in the deal, that they can't vote for 15 years, or never. Germany doesn't allow work visa residents to vote there.

"Hold the line", they say. It's not working.