Thursday, November 28, 2013

SMOKE & MIRRORS: Iran is giving up NO URANIUM..Just Packaging it Differently

Iran has pledged to chemically convert its cache of enriched uranium into a less dangerous substance as part of a deal struck on Sunday, but that conversion can be undone through a well-known process, experts tell 
The weekend deal reached by the U.S. and five other world leaders to curb Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for lifting some sanctions requires Iran to take uranium that had been enriched to 20 percent -- most of the way to weapons-grade -- and convert it into uranium dioxide (UO2). But that process is readily undone, explained Charles D. Ferguson, president of the Federation of American Scientists.
“This is a meaningful barrier right now, but it’s not a permanent barrier,” Ferguson told “They might have the ability to make a facility to reconvert it … close to a dozen countries have that process.” 
Iran has already converted some of its 440 pounds of 20-percent uranium into uranium dioxide at facilities within the country, but those plants can’t convert the oxide back into nuclear fuel, explained David Albright, a physicist and founder of the non-profit Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) in Washington, D.C.
It’s reversible, but not that quickly,” Albright told “There are several chemical steps, but Iran knows how to do them.”
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BOSMAN said...

So when you sift through all the BS, Iran is giving up NO URANIUM...and WHAT DO WE GET AGAIN for this deal? .....chirp....chirp,,,,