Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Government wants to show you how to get your Student Loans Forgiven..but not if you work in the Private sector

There's no student loan forgiveness program for mothers who raise their own children, but there is for some daycare workers; and student loan forgiveness may be yours if you work for the government in some capacity, but not if you earn a low salary in the private sector. 
The federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is trying to make it easier for people in certain jobs -- teachers, nurses, social workers, police and firefighters, and federal, state and local government workers -- to understand the route to student loan forgiveness.
On Wednesday, the CFPB released a "toolkit" to "empower" school districts and other public service organizations to help their employees understand how they can pay off their student loans or have them forgiven. That toolkit asks employers to pledge that they will talk to their workers about student debt, help them understand their options, and assist them in enrolling in student-loan repayment benefits.
Richmond Public Schools in Virginia and the City of South Bend, Indiana, are the first public employers to sign the pledge. 
Up to a quarter of the U.S. workforce is in public service and may be eligible for existing student loan debt-forgiveness programs, the CFPB said.
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BOSMAN said...

Yeah...With a National Debt in the hopper, lets encourage DEBTORS to find ways not to pay back the 'money' they borrowed.....OBAMANOMICS in full swing.

RomneyMan said...

"teachers, nurses,"

Whom a) educate tomorow's generations b) are at the front end of healthcare.

Indeed, let us have zero teachers and zero nurses.

AND, if the jobs you stated are so 'gold plated' with loads of 'perks', why don't you go from them? lol

Answer: as they're too hard for you to do.

RomneyMan said...

...go FOR them, I meant, not 'from' them, in the above post's last but one line.