Thursday, September 26, 2013

Egypt's General el-Sissi...You've Got to Love this Guy: Egypt court bans Muslim Brotherhood and orders its Assets Confiscated

An Egyptian court on Monday ordered the Muslim Brotherhood to be banned and its assets confiscated in a dramatic escalation of a crackdown by the military-backed government against supporters of the ousted Islamist president Mohammed Morsi. 
The ruling opens the door for a wider crackdown on the vast network of the Brotherhood, which includes social organizations that have been key for building the group's grassroots support and helping its election victories. The verdict banned the group itself -- including the official association it registered under earlier this year -- as well as "any institution branching out of it or ... receiving financial support from it," according to the court ruling, made public on Egypt's state official news agency MENA.
The judge at the Cairo Court for Urgent Matters also ordered the "confiscation of all the group's money, assets, and buildings" and said that an independent committee should be formed by the Cabinet to manage the money until final court orders are issued. The verdict can be appealed.
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Anonymous said...

Very genial person, very refreshing.

Unknown said...

Wonder wbat will happen to all the love letters fo and from Barry?

Anonymous said...

Nazis are banned from political activity in Germany because they won't uphold the constitution. Wish we could ban America haters like the one currently in office from running. Also military haters. Many of us think defending ourselves is important. Of course, that would exclude many libertarians, as well.