Sunday, August 25, 2013

Your Tax Dollars at Work: U.N. 'Hate Camp' in Gaza

Palestinian children as young as 5 are being taught to hate Jews, glorify martyrs and support jihad, and a U.S.-funded United Nations agency is helping to underwrite the effort, according to a controversial new documentary. 
The United Nations Relief and Works Agency hosts summer camps in which Palestinian children are allegedly being indoctrinated, in scenes captured in “Camp Jihad: Inside UNRWA Summer Camp Season 2013.” In addition to learning hateful phrases, the children are taught that Israel belongs to them by birthright, according to the film by the Center for Near East Policy Research. 
Interspersed with sack races, arts and crafts and snack time, are scenes of instructors imparting the message that Israel belongs to Palestinians, and they must take it back by force. 
The 19-minute film shows Tayma, a West Bank girl of about 8, being asked who the Jews are. 
“They are a gang of Infidels and Christians,” she replies. “They don’t like Allah and do not worship Allah. They hate us.” 
Another West Bank camper, Mesam Abu Hindi, has been taught to advocate violence against Israel.
“For those who are older than me, weapons will accelerate the Right of Return,” the girl states. 
"When we die as martyrs, we go up to heaven," says a young girl. 
And in one scene, a camp instructor tells children they will help overthrow Israel. 
"With God's help and our own strength, we will wage war," she says. "And with education and jihad, we will return."
Read the full story HERE and view thw 19 minute video below:

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BOSMAN said...

I hate the UN...They're USELESS and a waste of Tax Payer monies. This story does not surprise me...It fits their MO.