Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ron Paul Couldn't vote for Chris Christie...EVEN if he is the nominee in 2016 (Video 08-16-13)

The feud between Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., and Gov. Chris Christie, R-N.J., may have simmered down lately, but former Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, is continuing to fan the flames. 
Speaking with Wolf Blitzer on CNN Thursday evening, the elder Paul explained that he wouldn’t vote for Chris Christie as president because of his commitment to big government principles. 
“I couldn’t vote for him because I don’t think he agrees with probably anything I say,” Paul said. “I wouldn’t do it because he offers nothing, no change, just the status quo. It’s more big government and that’s not what I’ve been about.”
Read the rest HERE and listen to his comments below:

This is no surprise to me because Paul has a horse in the field. What is a surprise is that he seems to be saying (3 YEARS before the 2016 Election) that he could not support him if he was the eventual nominee. That's a pretty strong statement in advance.

Now I'm not a Ron Paul follower so I could be wrong, but I don't ever remember him saying anything like that publicly about any other past potential GOP Contenders.

Any thoughts?

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Ohio JOE said...

Many many Republicans could not vote for Mr. Christie. Electing him as our leader would be the height of foolishness. He is a non-starter.

BOSMAN said...

I know I couldn't support Christie in the primaries. At this point....It's anyone but.

As to the final election, with 3 years away. If it came down to 2 people with a 'realistic' chance of winning and one was Clinton or Biden, I'd vote for any Republican at that point.

RomneyMan said...

He prob never voted for Romney either.

RomneyMan said...

The only chance they have at a reasonable chance of winning is if they sort out the ground game/get out the vote to at least compete with the dems.

However, if it do turn out that Hillary is the nom, they (GOP) can have all the ground game in the world, but the GOP still woldn't win.

Anonymous said...

If it comes down to Christie or lose, I'm on board. We cannot afford Hillary for 8 years. We wouldn't have a country left to save! Obama is the most destructive president ever, IMO. Hillary would be round 2. We have entered a new era, a dangerous era. If Christie can save us from that, hell yes I will vote for him.


Anonymous said...

I can' vote for Christie before I could even consider Palin, Cruz, Paul 1 and 2, Santorum, Gingrich, Perry... so many to list!!!!

cimbri said...

Ron Paul is an idiot. He can't vote for any Republican, which always seems to put a Democrat in office. He isn't the only one with that disease.

cimbri said...

Christie would make a good president. I could live with him, especially since no one else can beat Hillary. I prefer Rand Paul but I don't think he could win a northern state or even a swing state.

Joel2013 said...

I will vote for the 'last candidate left standing' over voting for the opposition, plain and simple. I would also not stay at home and sulk because my candidate didn't make the final cut. That is illogical.