Sunday, August 4, 2013

Op-ed: A Birthday Wish Mr. President...

A Birthday Wish Mr. President...                                              By: Diane Sori

Dear Mr. President (with much sarcasm intended),

Your White House spokespeople claim the newest al-Qaeda threats, "Exceeds anything witnessed in the past decade."

Specific things coming from specific people...saying something may or may NOT chatter updated constantly...or so your people say.

And all this coming to a head on your birthday...who'd have thunk it.  By the way, Happy Birthday Mr. President...hope you have a good one knowing that because of your pandering to those out to kill us, al-Qaeda has now grown even stronger than before 9/11, as it's morphed into many sub-groups that can unite together in a moment's a moment's notice into one very powerful force. 
Mr. President, for a time al-Qaeda was disorganized but NEVER dismantled...NOT 'on the run' as you've claimed over and over ad nauseaum.  The take down of Osama bin-Laden meant NOTHING in the larger scope of things...NOTHING because he meant NOTHING to the new stronger and younger generation of al-Qaeda terrorists...just a figurehead and NOTHING more.

The take down...the Navy SEALS take down...was just so you could puff up your chest come election time and say you killed the world's most wanted man.  You can't fool we Patriots like you can fool the masses, Mr. President, for we know the truth and you know we know it.
Just as I'm sure you know (got your prayer rug dusted off)  that today is the 27th day of Ramadan, 'The Night of Power,' when the first verses of the (vile) qur'an were revealed to (the false prophet) mohammad by (the false god) allah, and some believe this date may be the fuel to ignite attacks against the infidels...possible attacks that have 'forced' you (or so you say) to have 21 American embassies in 17 countries shutdown across the Middle East, North Africa, and in some parts of South Asia because you fear for the safety of our personnel there...which you say with a straight face while refusing to look us in the eye.
And Mr. President, you've issued travel warnings for that part of the world, in fact worldwide travel warnings have been issued, as you try to have 'We the People' cowering in fear of what might happen to us overseas if we dare leave the 'safety' of our shores.
The 'safety' of our shores...but...but...
But here's something important you're missing Mr. President (still gagging on those words) whether unintentionally (which I doubt) or deliberately (which is more likely since we all know how you feel about America)...stop diverting all attention overseas and start focusing on a possible al-Qaeda attack here in America...start focusing on the 'sleeper cells' that all this intel chatter can actually be waking up...waking up and the timer is set for a countdown to an attack on our American soil.
That is what you should be focusing on Mr. President...NOT focusing on where the enemy wants you to focus on but then again America's enemies are your friends and allies...your brethren in blood and in hate for all that is America.

And so Mr. President, too much detail about intercepted chatter and the source of the intel (unnamed US officials told media outlets that Yemini intelligence agencies alerted Washington to the threat during the visit by the Yemeni president to Washington) has been 'leaked'...oops.. can I say that you and your much so that next time chatter likes this happens...and believe me there will be a next time...crying wolf will take on new meaning from that of old fairy tales as muslim militants...YES muslim militants...are now likely searching for the sources of the leaked intel, and true to form will kill anyone they suspect of working with Western intelligence.
More blood on your hands Mr. the ghosts of Benghazi look al-Qaeda grows stronger and stronger everyday (they just 'freed' more than 500 muslim terrorist from Abu Ghraib prison alone in the past week or so) in their quest to kill we infidels...and all on your watch as you continue to say al-Qaeda is on the you continue to focus on chatter and intel planned and executed in such a way as to allow their probable real be lost in the shuffle.

So YES Mr. President, you're is indeed on the run but they're running here to America to try and finish what they started a decade ago...on a beautiful September morning that turned into a day of hell true Americans will NEVER forget. 
Oh and before I forget, you now have shown proof positive of your true hatred for Israel by shutting down our embassy there, for the one country that does NOT need us to show fear in the face of the enemy is the one country you couldn't wait to hightail it out of ...what a guy.

So in closing, again Happy Birthday Mr. President,  hope you enjoy your day with Michelle, the kids, and all your hanger-ons for hopefully next year, if 'We the People' have our way, you'll be blowing out your candles in GITMO.

With as much respect as you show us,
American Patriots everywhere 


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