Friday, July 12, 2013

What does Anthony Weiner, Nelson Mandela and FDR have in Common?

No, only one of them is a perv...

Actually they don't have much in common. Now don't you go telling the Weiner, you could spoil another one of his fantasies:
Just two years ago, former Rep. Anthony Weiner was forced to resign from Congress after lying to the press and public about tweeting illicit photos of himself. Today, however, he is waging an improbably competitive race for mayor of New York City. Weiner recently spoke to at a high school graduation about "redemption." According to the New York Times, he invoked the "art of the hero" and compared his own recovery from adversity to that of Nelson Mandela and FDR. 
He compared these struggles to a GPS system. “What happens when you make a wrong turn? Does it turn off? No. It simply say ‘recalculating’ and it gets you back on your path,” Weiner told the students. “There is no reason you can’t recalculate and get back on the road to greatness.”
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Anonymous said...

Bosman, this shows as well as anything how warped our society has become. The idea that Wiener or Spitzer, or Sanford can even dare to show their faces in public, let alone be elected is unreal to me. What in the world has happened to us. Bill Clinton is one of the most popular men in the world, and also the most disgusting.

Did you see also that the San Diego mayor--who has been caught sexually harrassing women in his office, came out with a 'heartfelt' (lame) apology and thinks that if he just takes enough sexual harrassment classes he'll be just fine, and the public can move along, nothing to see.


Anonymous said...

This is what the sexual revolution has wrought. The almost complete breakdown of the family, and along with it, the horrors of abortion. Where we go from here, I can't imagine.



Bill Clinton is popular because the vast majority of Americans ARE TOTALLY UNAWARE - thanks to the State Run Media - of his numerous High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

Monica Lewinsky was just the tip of the iceberg, and was actually THE LEAST PROBLEMATIC of his various offenses.

The Whitewater, Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey scandals - just to name a few - WERE INFINITELY MORE SERIOUS AND TROUBLING than his consensual sex with Ms. Lewinsky.

Which is exactly why the State Run Media BURIED those scandals during Clinton's investigation and impeachment while focusing almost exclusively on the Lewinsky scandal.

What the American people don't know can't hurt them, right?