Friday, July 26, 2013

Op-ed: Obama and Holder...nothing phony about these two most vile of men


Obama and Holder...nothing phony about these two most vile of men
By: Diane Sori                                               

I'm mad...NO...I'm furious...NO...actually I'm seething just thinking about our miserable excuse of a president saying that the series of 'supposed' scandals that keep hounding his administration are phony.
'Phony scandals' done for political posturing he called them in Wednesday's economic address  in Galesburg, Ill.  The NSA scandal...the IRS scandal...the AP and FOX News reporter scandal... and let's NOT forget the infamous 'Fast & Furious' scandal...all are NOTHING but a joke to him...scandals 'supposedly' manufactured by Republicans just to throw a wrench into his agenda...into his presidency...into his legacy.
'Supposed' scandals...NOTHING 'supposed' about them and NONE of them are phony...NONE.
And while those scandals make me mad...infuriated in dare Barack HUSSEIN Obama call the four he left behind to be MURDERED in Benghazi a 'phony scandal', you...I dare NOT put in writing what I'm thinking...but I think my dear readers can easily figure it out for this man...this full of hateful of all things hateful of all things hateful of all things moral and decent...for this miserable excuse of a president and his equally miserable administration breeds NOTHING but corruption, divisiveness, and hate cleverly hidden behind subterfuge at all levels of government.
And following on the heels of this Obama audacity of a teleprompted statement, yesterday race-baiting, white-hating AG Eric Holder, in a dispute over new voting boundaries drawn-up by the Republican legislature in Texas, had the nerve to announce while speaking at the National Urban League conference in Philadelphia that the DOJ will ask a federal court to reinstate its authority over all Texas voting laws.  Claiming doing so will challenge state and local election laws he believes discriminate by race (he claims that Texas has a history of "pervasive voting-related discrimination against racial minorities"), Holder is actually ignoring a Supreme Court ruling that stated that while long ago this might have been true it NO longer is.
Also, by saying, "Based on the evidence of intentional racial discrimination that was presented last year in the redistricting case of Texas v. Holder...we believe that the state of Texas should be required to go through a preclearance process whenever it changes its voting laws and practices," Eric Holder has now put himself as an authority higher than that of the US Supreme Court.
Basically, in simple-speak this means that the DOJ is targeting Texas when it comes to voting rights by asking a federal court in San Antonio to require the state obtain advance approval before putting future political redistricting changes in place...approval given only if the redistricting meets his highness Eric Holder's approval of racial diversity.
Never mind that on June 25th, in a 5 to 4 decision the justices threw out a key part of the 1965 Voting Rights Act ruling that the Section 4 preclearance formula used to determine which states and localities were subject to extra federal scrutiny were outdated, there by freeing Texas from having to submit their voting laws to the DOJ before they could take effect.
Never mind this ruling because Holder has said he will use what’s left of the law to go after what he and the DOJ consider discriminatory practices...the SCOTUS be damned.
Never mind that with blacks making up only 13% of the American population it's physically impossible to racially equalize voting districts.
Never mind that even if Hispanics were added into the mix the numbers still do NOT add up to 50/50.
Never mind that when Holder said, "My colleagues and I are determined to use every tool at our disposal to stand against discrimination wherever it is found," what he means is only discrimination against black people because blacks are overwhelmingly blue voters..and this fabricated discrimination is all part of his buddy Barack HUSSEIN Obama's block-busting plan to turn Republican red districts and states a bright shade of Democratic blue for the 2014 midterms.
Never mind all this current race-baiting discrimination and manufactured voting rights nonsense that will be downplayed by the in-the-pocket-for-Obama liberal media for AG Eric Holder will most assuredly continue to fuel racial tensions in his goal of starting a race war because of his in-your-face-hatred of white people.
Never mind any of that for all that matters to Barack HUSSEIN Obama is that NO matter what he or Eric Holder says or what they do NOTHING can take 'We the People's' focused attention and demand for answers away from his 'supposed' scandal of all scandals...the anything but 'phony scandal' that Obama fears the most... the scandal called Benghazi. in can you say T.R.E.A.S.O.N...I can...'We the People' can...and he damn well knows it.

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Imagine the uproar and outrage by the State Run Media(CBSNBCABCCNNFOX) if Bush 43 had called the Scooter Libby-Valerie Plame investigation "a phony scandal."

Imagine the uproar and outrage by the State Run Media(CBSNBCABCCNNFOX) if Bush 41 or Reagan had called the Iran-Contra investigation "a phony scandal."

Imagine the uproar and outrage by the State Run Media(CBSNBCABCCNNFOX) if Nixon had called the Watergate investigation "a phony scandal."

The State Run Media(CBSNBCABCCNNFOX) would've demanded the impeachment and removal of Bush 43, Bush 41, Reagan and Nixon for those comments alone, and would not let up until they got their way.

But when Obama calls the FAR MORE SERIOUS AND DAMNING investigations surrounding his presidency "phony scandals", NOT A WORD OF CRITICISM from the State Run Media(CBSNBCABCCNNFOX).

Quite the contrary, the State Run Media(CBSNBCABCCNNFOX) gives Obama a standing ovation for "fighting back against the Republican witch hunt."

Conservatives and all other Americans who value and respect the constitutional principles of "free speech", "equal protection of the laws" and "public use" MUST TAKE BACK OUR PUBLIC AIRWAVES from the politicians, bureaucrats and crony capitalists who've hijacked them BY ABUSING THE VAST POWERS of the Federal Communications Commission, the GATEKEEPER to those very same airwaves.


PS - Yes, I know that CNN & FOX did not yet exist during some of those earlier presidencies I referred to, but that's beside the point.

Anonymous said...

Phony scandals do not have dead bodies.

Anonymous said...

Anon, amen to your comment. The dead bodies are unfortunately all too real, and the people who were in charge only ask the question, "At this point, what difference does it make?" Not phony, real.