Friday, July 26, 2013

Home Delivery by the Post Office May go the Way of the Dodo Bird

You've got mail -- but come and get it from the box yourself! 
Under a cost-saving plan by the U.S. Postal Service, people moving into newly-built homes will not have mail delivered to their doors and will instead have to pick it up at the curb or neighborhood cluster boxes. 
The Postal Service began the change in April, and Congress is considering an even bolder shift that would also affect existing houses. It's unclear if delivery to the door will eventually be eliminated entirely.
"Converting delivery away from door delivery to either curb line or centralized delivery would enable the Postal Service to provide service to more customers in less time," Postal Service spokeswoman Sue Brennan said Tuesday. 
More than 30 million American homes get delivery to the door and another 50 million get mail dropped at curbside mailboxes. 
But the Postal Service, which is buckling under massive financial losses, sees savings in centralized mail delivery. Door-to-door delivery costs the Postal Service about $353 per address each year. 
Curbside delivery costs $224, and cluster boxes cost $160 per address. With cluster boxes, mailboxes for individual addresses are grouped together at a central neighborhood location.
The move is one of many cost-cutting steps the Postal Service is trying as it continues to plead with Congress for permission to overhaul its business and avert a bailout. 
The agency also proposed eliminating Saturday mail delivery but was forced to back off that plan this year after lawmakers and some industries balked.
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Call me old fashion, I think it's a DUMB IDEA.

What about the home bound/elderly who are not mobile enough to go down the street or maneuver between cluster boxes to get their mail? What if it was an unsafe, crime ridden area?

Find some other way of cutting costs in the Post Office,

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