Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The IRS Official who said she 'Done Nothing Wrong' has her signature all over letters to targeted groups

The IRS official who refused to testify this week -- while claiming she had done nothing wrong -- signed letters to Tea Party groups a year ago that asked them to turn over everything from printouts of their Facebook pages to the credentials of speakers who participated in their events. 
A group representing more than a dozen Tea Party groups now suing the IRS released a sample of one of the letters overnight, after the official Lois Lerner was placed on administrative leave. According to one lawmaker, she was only placed on leave after she refused to resign. 
Jay Sekulow, chief counsel with the American Center for Law and Justice, said the March 2012 letters show a "paper trail" that reveals her "direct involvement in sending intrusive and harassing questionnaires."
Read the rest of the story HERE and read one of here letters HERE. There is also a related video below:

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Anonymous said...

She'll forever be ms two face to me.

Anonymous said...

Maybe intelligence declined because men began to accept the idea that ugly and beautiful are the same, no difference. Part of the common core plan.

Sort of the chicken or the egg question, which came first?