Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Classy Ann Romney

Ann Romney reminded us once again that America lost out--big time, in the 2012 election. She's right, we can't trust our government! We could have had the best, most capable and honest man (and First Lady!) for the job, but we blew it. Mitt Romney didn't lose the election as much as America did.

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BOSMAN said...

What a First Lady America missed out on.

Anonymous said...

Bosman, thanks for the video.

It's still painful, especially in light of everything that is going on, and the things yet to happen in the next few years. I am truly discouraged, and scared.


Anonymous said...

Ann was very careful in her wording, but still reminded us that these types of violations by our own gov't cause a lack of trust.

Some of the commenters talked about how she is a sore loser. Honestly, these people need their brains examined. Especially in light of the fact that it's increasingly obvious that their guy used the full force of the federal gov't to indulge in large scale voter suppression.


Anonymous said...

AZ, yeah.

I saw an article about how thwarting the tea party through IRS intimidation hurt Romney in the states of FL, OH, PA and one other state--can't remember. Anyway it was interesting, by the numbers, to see just how Obama was able to win those states by stopping the tea party. That, combined with voter fraud.

Like I've said before, we may never have another decent president. Obama has broken some scary ground.


Joel2013 said...

The beauty of this interview is the fact the Romney's are two individuals who are very happy about their personal lives outside of politics. Mitt ran for office to serve his country, he did not run for personal gain he ran because he felt he could make a difference and turn around the nation's problems. Ann supported him with poise and with dignity, she was exceptional. As time has passed more and more people realize the great loss suffered on election day. What a difference they could have made if they had been given the chance. Instead we endure a troubling era in our history where there is no integrity in the oval office.

RomneyMan said...

"We could have had the best, most capable and honest man (and First Lady!) for the job, but we blew it. " With that amateur campaign? More like *he* blew it you mean.