Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tea Party Groups prepare to sue the IRS

Jay Devereaux hadn’t paid much attention to the daily drumbeat of partisan politics in D.C. He wasn’t a Washington nerd, and didn’t know who said what during congressional hearings -- nor did he care. 
But when news broke that the government was using taxpayer money to bail out Wall Street banks, he started paying attention and didn’t like what he was hearing. 
So the Florida father and information technology specialist decided to form a group, Unite in Action, to educate people in his area about the issues, he said. It was originally formed as a corporation before Devereaux decided to apply for tax-exempt status from the IRS. 
That was two years ago. It was never approved.
“It’s all but killed us,” Devereaux told FoxNews.com. “We could lose everything. Today, it’s me and my organization, but tomorrow it could be you.” 
Devereaux is among a group of activists, being represented by the American Center for Law and Justice, who are preparing to sue the federal government for the practice of targeting Tea Party groups. ACLJ Executive Director Jordan Sekulow told FoxNews.com he'll likely file the civil suits next Wednesday or Thursday on behalf of more than a dozen Tea Party groups who say they were singled out by the IRS and had their tax-exempt status severely delayed or denied altogether.
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Katrina L. Lantz said...

These stories just keep coming out of the wood works. How long are Dems going to say we deserved this treatment? Over 500 cases are coming out about IRS intimidation of regular citizens like Jay here... I'm afraid until the Democrats take this seriously, the abuses will continue. Liberals are still harping on the idea that Republicans unfairly attacked Bill Clinton during the Oval Office Affair. How long can the people actually hurting America continue to project their wrongdoings onto Republicans? I guess the answer is, as long as they want to.

Anonymous said...

So we are expected to believe all the lies and stories that keep changing day to day on every one of these scandals. Just ignore the inconsistencies and contradictions from day to day. No matter that 4 Americans were left to die. We sure got that video guy though!

Those mean wepublicans are just trying to stir up trouble. There is no there there!


Anonymous said...


1. everyone at the White House knew about the IRS targeting of conservatives.

2. they all decided not to tell him.

3. after he "found out about it on the news like everyone else" he didn't bother to ask his staff, and everyone at the White House why they didn't tell him.

Okay. Sure!


Anonymous said...

Oh I wrote that wrong.

1. So everyone at the White House BUT OBAMA knew about it.

Sorry for the typo.


newark hawk said...

Katrina -

By "Oval Office Affair", I assume you mean the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

The Lewinsky scandal was NOT why Clinton was impeached, disbarred and held in contempt of court.

It was indeed the State Run Media's version of why he was impeached, but as we know all too well, their version of things usually has very little to do with reality.

If you read the ACTUAL Articles of Impeachment, you will discover that Clinton was impeached for covering up - via perjury & obstruction of justice - his sexual harassment of Paula Jones, during pretrial testimony in that federal lawsuit.

Monica Lewinsky was simply EVIDENCE in the Jones lawsuit that corroborated her accusations against Clinton, because it showed a PATTERN OF BEHAVIOR of Clinton making sexual advances towards his female subordinates.

The State Run Media knew, through internal polling, that the American public would tolerate the president lying about consensual sex with Ms. Lewinsky, but would absolutely NOT tolerate him lying about his sexual harassment of Ms. Jones.

Hence, the State Run Media's FRAUDULENT Monica Lewinsky narrative of Clinton's impeachment that continues to this very day.