Friday, May 31, 2013

Paul Ryan interview with Bill O'Reilly (Full interview 05-29-13)

Rep. Paul Ryan, the former Republican vice presidential candidate, was in studio with Bill O’Reilly tonight to discuss the latest scandals rocking the White House. Ryan is on the House Ways and Means Committee that’ll be investigating the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups applying for tax exempt status. 
Ryan said it's already known that the IRS targeted not only Tea Party groups, but also religious groups that were conservative in nature. Furthermore, the agency intimated GOP donors, and to top it all off, they leaked sensitive taxpayer information which was then used to publicly harass donors.
Read the rest HERE and view the interview below:

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Brandt Hardin said...

O’Reilly is just one of the talking heads guarding the inhabitants of Bullsh*t Mountain from rejoining the world of the sane. Fox News is a propaganda machine which dumbs down America by the day through disinformation and their slanted agendas. See their anchors spewing forth feces from their mouths in my visual homage to the network on my artist’s blog at