Friday, May 31, 2013

Op-ed: The scandals might do what the voting booth couldn't

The scandals might do what the voting booth couldn't
By: Diane Sori
We all know the federal government has grown even more fat and complacent than it already was, that it doesn’t answer to ‘We the People’, and that it concentrates power in the hands of a few corrupt lying individuals…individuals like Attorney General Eric ‘Fast & Furious’ Holder, former Secretary of State Hillary ‘What does it matter’ Clinton, and of course Chicago bully, liberal media anointed ‘savior’ of us all Barack HUSSEIN ‘I don’t know what my administration does’ Obama.

And we all know that ‘Bumps in the Road’ (a phrase now come back to haunt) like Benghazi, the IRS scandal, the AP scandal, and the FOX reporter scandal (and who knows what other scandals wait in the wings) show this administration’s total disregard for our Constitution and for ‘We the People’, but maybe, just maybe, these scandals will do what the voting booth couldn’t…for maybe now the time has finally come when those who dishonor both America and the American people will finally be called to task and taken down.

And that taking down just might have started with three whistleblowers coming forward in regards to Benghazi with more wanting to testify. At the end of the House Oversight Committee Benghazi hearings two weeks ago, two former diplomats implied that they have additional information about what happened that fateful night that goes beyond what whistleblowers Greg Hicks, Eric Nordstrom, and Mark Thompson had already given...information that is potentially NOT only damaging but devastating to both Obama and Clinton. But as expected they need legal protection before they can speak and you can’t blame them as repercussions have already happened to the three who already testified, including job demotions.

Now into the scandal mix comes Lois Lerner, the just put on administrative leave Director of the IRS Tax Exempt Organization…former whistleblower turned person of interest turned suspect and presumed fall gal for Obama. As the woman who basically ratted out her co-workers by issuing a public apology just days before the IRS inspector general was going to issue a report detailing the IRS’s use of keywords (like Tea Party and patriot ) to tag for additional scrutiny conservative groups applying for 501(c)4 tax-exempt status, it's now been proven that Lerner's apology was staged. Planting a question with a member of the audience that required her to respond with an apology allowed Lerner to set the stage to deflect blame from and protect higher-ups…higher-ups as in Barack HUSSEIN Obama, perhaps.

And then throw in something the in-the-pocket for Obama liberal media NEVER saw coming …something that completely blindsided them…for the very media that helped Obama steal an election suddenly was in his cross hairs and they had NO idea why.

Well, the why is really quite simple for narcissistic blowhards like Obama and his minions will NOT allow their flunkies to upstage them, because people like Obama and those who orbit around him believe everything is all about them. So the reason why can be put into one simple word…retaliation… retaliation because the previously Obama-friendly AP (Associated Press) wouldn’t let the Obama administration gloat about a ‘supposed’ counter terrorism victory.

The AP was holding off on printing a story about a foiled al-Qaeda plot (a plot that centered on an attempt to get a bomb into an assailant’s underwear that could pass airport screening) for a few days at the request of CIA officials. Eventually it was decided that they would run the story on a certain day, but with the deadline fast approaching were now suspiciously asked by CIA officials to hold off on publishing the story for just one more day.

The CIA cited national security concerns as the reason for once again asking for a delay in publication, but the truth was that the delay was wanted so that the Obama administration could announce the successful operation instead of the AP reporting what was their story from the get-go.

The AP said, ‘NO way’, that they had acquiesced to the CIA long enough as there was NO national security issues to contend with, and proceeded to publish the story on the day they said they would, thus denying Obama and his people the chance to puff themselves up once again for something they did NOT do…just like Obama did NOT take out Osama.

So the AP had to be taught a lesson…you don’t mess with Obama and NOT expect some retaliation.

Well guess what, instead of the Obama administration being able to gloat over their retaliation, the media came together to say this time Obama and crew overstepped their bounds in denying them their right to a free press…who’d have thunk it.

And finally add in FOX News reporter James Rosen being investigated in an affidavit signed off on by none other than 'Mr. Fast & Furious' himself...Rosen being deemed a criminal for ‘supposedly’ leaking information about North Korea given to him by a whistleblower...Holder saying Rosen broke the law by jeopardized national security (in NO way was national security ever jeopardized)...and Holder saying that criminal charges against Rosen could shortly be filed...and you now have one very unhappy, angry, pissed off media.

And I must admit that I’m happy the media is pissed, for maybe they'll finally see the monster they created for what he is…a nightmare…a nightmare that hopefully now they can help America finally wake up from.

So bring on the scandals for maybe these scandals and all the media attention they garner will be the hoped for end of NOT only a lying contemptuous Attorney General named Eric Holder and a arrogant self-serving former Secretary of State, but will also do what couldn’t be done at the voting booth…give a one-way ticket out of the White House to a man who had NO business occupying that White House in the first place…and wouldn’t have succeeded if the very media now in his cross hairs hadn’t anointed him as the ‘savior’ of us all.

Payback is a bitch and it just might be the media that bitch-slaps Obama but good.

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