Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Op-ed: The Obama/Holder Theater of the Absurd

The Obama/Holder Theater of the Absurd
By: Diane Sori

Barack HUSSEIN Obama must really think that the American people are stupid...I mean sure the 50.5% who voted (and voted over and over) for him are...but the other 48% who didn't vote for him sure aren't. And for Obama to even try to pull his latest stunt is sure to have even some of those 50.5% saying he's gone a bit too far this time.

And this time translates into Obama appointing Attorney General Eric 'Fast & Furious' Holder to investigate his own Justice Department in regards to the FOX News reporter scandal. I mean come on, even Obama can't believe that 48% of America will just sit back and allow this to happen without a fight...NO way...NO how.

Last week during a major speech on national security (where he still could NOT say the words 'muslim terrorists'), Obama announced that Holder had 'agreed' (ain't that so nice of him) to investigate how the Justice Department conducted investigations involving journalists, most specifically the case involving FOX News reporter James Rosen, who was named as a potential 'criminal co-conspirator' in a leaks investigation...that being the only way the Justice Department could justify gaining access to his records.

And there's more that's just come to light including that Holder received approval from a federal judge to keep the Rosen surveillance secret by arguing that secrecy was needed because he or the Justice Department might need to return to the tapped e-mail account in the future.

In other words, even with all this, Holder has graciously (gag) agreed to investigate himself even though he was the very one who, in his capacity as Attorney General of the United States, personally signed off on and OK-ed the investigation into Rosen's activities, helped secure the search warrant for Rosen's personal e-mail and five different phone lines used by Fox News, and discussed the entire investigation with his staff, which is in direct contradiction to his under oath previously made statements.

Perjury has a nice ring to it right now doesn't it.

Oh yeah, that investigation will really be investigated fairly and impartially now won't it...so fairly that I can give you the final report before the investigation even starts...on July 12th, when Holder's report is due to be placed into Obama's hands, NO unethical behavior will have been found...all will be kosher as they say, and all will have been done within the parameters of the law. And if anyone says that won't be the outcome then Barack HUSSEIN Obama isn't the enemy within...which all know he is.

And while all this is happening, Obama sits back untouched and unscathed, for now at least, as all his little minions are circling the wagons to protect him. But you know what, I'm just sick and tired of hearing Obama's lie that he knows NOTHING and has NOTHING to do with how his own administration is run. Remember, he is Holder's boss yet he claims he knows NOTHING about what Holder does...yeah right (sarcastically said) as Eric Holder is Obama's flunky, and there's NO way he did any of this without Obama's knowledge and go-ahead.

But for the media all this is lights, camera, action and ratings as Obama play acts the role of a 'troubled and outraged' president who is stunned over what his own appointees and employees are doing yet refusing to hold anyone accountable for anything. Instead he bloviates with a straight face that he has full faith and confidence in Eric Holder to conduct a full and fair investigation into himself and his department.

Oh really...just how can you fairly and without prejudice investigate yourself without it being a total conflict of interest....you can't...so full well knowing this what does Holder do...he recuses himself from investigation...oh the absurdity of it all.

But what Obama so calculatingly and deliberately hides is that Holder and his people are doing exactly what he's orchestrated them to do, for all department personnel ultimately answer to him and him alone, and all will be protected by him if need be. And like with Benghai, where I believe Obama gave the order to 'stand down' as that order could have only come from the top, Obama has in place those who are willing to sacrifice themselves for him...and God only knows why someone would put themselves and their careers on the line for this miserable, traitorous excuse of a president.

I wonder what Obama either has on them or what he is paying them to take the fall for his dirty work.

But NO matter as I think that very shortly Eric Holder will willingly take the ultimate fall and will sacrifice himself by announcing his resignation as Attorney General, just as Obama will pretend to throw Holder under the bus to appease the media so they will go back and revel in their blissful ignorance and stop asking questions about the IRS, the AP, and most importantly about Benghazi.

And while investigations about reporters is fodder for media headlines and airtime, and helps keep the media busy so there's NO time to try and find out the truth about what was going on before the embassy attack (gun and weapons running I have always said), this Justice Department investigation, along with the theater of the absurd that comes with it, helps to keep "We the People' diverted from and takes the focus off the scandal to end all scandals...the MURDER of four Americans on this president's watch...MURDER carried out on (what I believe are) the orders of this president...MURDER as a side bar to aiding and abetting the enemy...a treasonable offense...that must be covered-up at all costs, and the press and IRS scandals are Obama's hoped for solutions for getting Benghazi to just go away.

And the 48% must NOT allow that to happen for the word 'treason' said in the same breath as the name Obama has a ring of truth to it if I say so myself. 

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