Friday, May 24, 2013

Op-ed: A horrific murder in London and Obama again won't say 'muslim terrorists'

A horrific murder in London and Obama again won't say 'muslim terrorists'
By: Diane Sori

While there is so much going on in our country right now what with the IRS scandal, the AP scandal, the FOX News reporter scandal, and of course Benghazi...the scandal all the other scandals are deflecting attention away from...we still need to understand that what happened to the British soldier (Lee Rigby, a 25 year old husband, son, brother, and father of a two-year old son) in London just a few days ago is something we must NOT sweep under the rug. Claiming it happened 'over there' NOT here is a moot point for it will happen here, and happen soon, if something is NOT done about the muslim problem ALL civilized nations face.

And we must start with the simple fact that the days of 'political correctness' are over, and that it's high time that the truth be told...a truth the bleeding heart liberals don't want to accept let alone acknowledge...the truth that we are at war with islam...ALL islam...and that means we are at war with the followers of islam, that being muslims...ALL muslims
Hear that Obama...we ARE at war with your brethren.

Have any muslim clerics come forward either in Britain or America to condemn the soldier's cold-blooded murder...NO. In fact, British muslim cleric Anjem Choudary, said the “soldier’s killer, Mujaheed Adabolejo, is a very nice man of impeccable character.” Sickening just sickening. And have any so-called moderate muslims in number spoken out condemning the murder...NO.

And while British Prime Minister David Cameron vowed that Britain would be "absolutely resolute" in the face of terrorism and that "We will never give in to terror or terrorism in any form," he also said "The savage beheading of our soldier is not representative of islam...Al-Qaeda linked terror group Al-Shabaab: Yes, it is!"

'NOT representative of islam'...Cameron said as he called the attack “not just an attack on Britain” but “also a betrayal of islam and of the muslim communities who give so much to our country." "There is nothing in islam that justifies this truly dreadful act,” he added.

And herein lies the problem NOT only in Britain but in America as well for this is NOT a betrayal of islam but is an accurate portrayal of islam, because this is what goes on in the muslim world on a daily basis...goes on and is accepted by the followers of islam for this is what the qur'an commands its followers to do and do it in the name of allah.

After the murder, The Muslim Council of Britain, fearing reprisals against British muslims do what all these cowards do best...they spewed the usual kumbaya, touchy-feely rhetoric urging muslims and non-muslims to love each other (gag) and "to come together in solidarity to ensure the forces of hatred do not prevail." 
Hate to beak the news to them but they brought the hate upon themselves with their 'allahu akbar' crap.

And Obama's response to the murder was a simple statement that still refuses to use the words 'muslim terrorists' or to condemn islam from which all modern day terrorism arises (can't upset the brethren you know).

"The United States stands resolute with the United Kingdom, our ally and friend, against violent extremism and terror...There can be absolutely no justification for such acts, and our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the victim, the police and security services responding to this horrific act and the communities they serve, and the British people" his statement said.

'NO justification'...yet NO strong condemnation...NO accepting or acknowledging that muslims were once again the perpetrators of evil came with his statement...NO NONE at all.

And as always, muslim silence both here in America and in Britain speaks volumes because if you do NOT condemn then you condone the actions of these barbaric, brutal, miserable excuses for human beings...jihadists...human garbage of the worst kind.

Human garbage that sadly lives amongst us here in our country...garbage that needs to be thrown out and sent back to the cesspools of countries they came from. They want to live like people did over a thousand years ago...let them but NOT amongst the civilized nations of the world, and most definitely NOT here in our beloved America, for islam, for muslims, are the antithesis of all America stands for, believes in, and holds dear.

Now of course let's get real here and understand that I do NOT mean every single muslim is a jihadist, a terrorist, or a think that would make me a bigot and I am NO bigot. But, and here is the caveat, those who do silently condemn the terrorist actions must start speaking out now for their silence speaks louder than even the actions of the barbarians. And muslims who claim these actions of jihad...of terrorism...are the actions of only a few... they need to prove it by organizing their numbers and condemning...condemning in a loud and clear unified voice saying NO MORE...for only that will separate them from those who are out to kill us.

And most importantly these silent voices of condemnation must speak out against and condemn the 164 verses in the vile qur'an that commands...orders...muslims to kill the infidels...for we Christians and Jews, and any and ALL others who do NOT bow down and embrace the pseudo-religion know as islam, are the infidels they are commanded to kill.

And on the heels of this most horrific of murders our very own muslim-in-chief...ooops...I mean our president (gag) held a press conference yesterday where among other things he had the audacity to say, "muslims are an integral part of the American family."

Also saying that the core of al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan is no longer the greatest terrorist risk confronting the US, that the US has seen the emergence of threats from localized al-Qaeda affiliates around the world, as well as from "radicalized individuals here in the United States," Obama continues to make excuses for al-Qaeda terrorists as he placates them by claiming, "Homegrown extremists. This is the future of terrorism."

And Obama still expects us taxpayers to continue funding these barbaric bast*rds by "supporting other (muslim) countries in their pursuit of democracy, work to promote peace abroad, and supply the necessary foreign aid to help countries modernize their economies, improve their education, and encourage business growth."

NO...I don't think so for the future of terrorism is as it has been since 9/11, and with all the hallmarks of an al-Qaeda attack terrorism appeared once again, this time on the streets of London...for islam is the enemy...ALL islam...and it's treason to aid and abet the enemy in case Barack HUSSEIN Obama doesn't know...and that includes sending the enemy our taxpayer dollars.

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