Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My kind of Non-Profit Organization: WWII veterans visit their memorials

With all the crap that's been occupying the news lately, this story is a breath of fresh air. I was pleased to discover that there are non-profits out there that have not forgotten our WWII vets in their later years:
As Robert Johnston, 90, stood at the World War II Memorial 67 years after serving in the Marines, he thought of his best friend who was killed at the Battle of Saipan. Johnston, a second lieutenant who earned a Bronze Star and two Purple Hearts at Saipan and Iwo Jima, said being able to visit the memorial for the first time gave him a chance to reflect.
“It’s so good to be here and to think back about the people that didn’t make it, unfortunately,” said the Stoneham resident. 
“We had almost 100 percent casualties,” he said. “If somebody wasn’t wounded, he was a lucky person. And I was a lucky person.” 
On Sunday, nonprofit Honor Flight New England took 61 local World War II veterans to Washington, D.C., to visit the memorials that honor them for their sacrifices. In anticipation of Memorial Day next week, the veterans, now in their 80s and 90s, reflected at the National World War II Memorial, the Korean War Veterans Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the Marine Corps War Memorial, and the Air Force Memorial.
“It’s been 70 years for some of us, and it brought back some memories,” said Johnston.   
Honor Flight New England, a regional branch of the national Honor Flight Network, covers the transportation and food costs for day trips for the veterans.
Read the rest HERE and view a related video below:

You can visit Honor Flight New England Organization HERE That put this trip together.

BTW, My Donations in the mail. There aren't to many of these heroes left and they deserve our respect and support. .

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Anonymous said...

A worthy non-profit organization. I am also glad out vets aren't forgotten. They certainly have earned their visit!

Wish the Capitol was somewhere closer so I could take my family. The cost of travel there has been a huge deterrent to going.