Sunday, March 3, 2013

Am I supposed to feel bad for Lanny Davis and Bob Woodward?

Well I Don't.

They both finally grow a pair and criticize the President only to learn that he and his cronies aren't fans of free speech (1, 2). Who Knew? (only most of us!)

Did it really take Obama being re-elected for them to come to that epiphany? 

Where the hell were they when it would have counted before his reelection?

Chances are if they both had been doing their jobs back then and reporting on the President's antics instead of looking the other way like the rest of the liberal media, Obama and his team would have done something similar to them BACK THEN. WHEN IT COUNTED. And instead of reading about this now, we would have been reading about the threats then when American voters could have done something about it. tears being shed here.

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Anonymous said...

i don't have special ire for these men. most press people NEVER come clean. most have been just as silent. but as clinton's doctors found, dealing with gangsters isn't a safe association. let this be a warning to all who fall for deceit, flattering, and vanity.

newark hawk said...

@ Anonymous 11:43 AM

Excuse me for not being up to speed on your obscure references, but what exactly are you insinuating about Clinton's doctors?

Bill? ... Hillary?

Again, please accept my sincere apology for not being able to read your mind.

Anonymous said...

Ask Andrew Breitbart and his coroners about it. Our media has been intimidated into silence about Obama's sealed college records. Even Tom Cruise's "Ghost Protocol" spoke about America's media lying just like Russia's media does as well. Not so obscure. About Clinton's doctors, I wouldn't want to be them. I thought you read the article. Obama doesn't like free speech. Haven't you seen gangster movies? It is dangerous being friends with a gangster, or just helping them. Are you kidding? Don't be a sucker. Check out the opening scenes in Dark Knight, during the bank heist. What happened to the hired help? People stealing power aren't known for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

Hey media, admit Obama isn't a natural born citizen, please. The victim routine is getting very old.

newark hawk said...

@ Anonymous 12:01 AM

I did read the article. No mention of "Clinton's doctors" there.

I'm not a confidant of "Andrew Breitbart's coroners", so I can't ask them about it either.

I didn't see "Ghost Protocol" or "Dark Knight". Oops, my bad.

Forget about it, Anonymous. I'll get better information from the village idiot down the street than I ever will from you.