Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Black Chamber of Commerce CEO Harry Alford on his 2008 support of Obama: "Shame on Me" (Full Video 02-25-13)

H/T Joel2013
National Black Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Harry C. Alford told The Daily Caller that he ”ignored” President Obama’s “spread the wealth” comment in 2008 and “had hopes” for him “because he was black.” 
“I don’t really support him too well and he knows it and that’s a badge of honor. He’s bad. He’s bad and I supported him. I voted for him the first time around. I had hopes because he was black. Shame on me,” Alford told TheDC at the National Press Club after an anti-gun control news conference.
Read the rest HERE and view the Interview Below:

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1 comment:

Cindy Brown said...

I commend people like him who could honestly share their thoughts regarding politics and the way how society has twisted its standards in choosing a leader. Let's just keep in mind what's important here, rather than focusing on the symbolic representation in letting a black person hold power for the state. And if you think about it, it's much of a racist thought how they think that.