Sunday, January 13, 2013

Why do I feel like the media is trying to stuff Chris Christie down Republican's throats?

Maybe I'm just paranoid...but over the past month, I see nothing but Cristie stories in the media's 2016 articles. The following are just from a Google search of  'Chris Christie' today:

Can Chris Christie Avoid Mitt Romney's Mistakes?

Hillary Clinton vs. Chris Christie would be an ‘epic’ 2016 race: poll

Chris Christies Long Game


Chris Christie: The Boss

Oh No, Chris Christie 2016 Speculation Already

Chris Christie: I’ll be ‘ready’ to run in 2016 elections

Dana Milbank: Can Chris Christie rescue the GOP?

All the above were from the first page of a google search. I could have added several more articles to make my point...........What do you say?

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Anonymous said...

'm waiting for SarahPAC to send out a note saying S.P. needs money... lots of it.. to help her decide if she wants to run this new imaginary Party.
Help her decide!
The more money sent.. the better the chance she will say YES!
If you care about America.. blah blah blah blibber blah.... send every penny you have and do it now!
Time is running out!

3 years later....
Our Sarah is still deciding folks!
If you don't keep sending as much money as possible she will never decide!
YOU will fail America! Do you want that guilt weighing on you?
If you can send as little as $500, we will send you an exclusive calendar featuring all the animals Queen S.P. has killed over the years.

3.5 years later
S.P. has sadly declined to take this great position as leader of the American Party.
As much as it has saddened our hearts we must not give up hope.
Only God knows what is best for our country and S.P. only listens to God.
If she took that leadership position, when God told her NO, she would of been going against the Creator. Keep the faith.
As she is feverishly pondering which direction God is sending her next, it is very important we continue to show her our support. For as little as $200 donation, you can let her know you still have her back.
For all she has sacrificed for our Country it is the least you can do.
Show her your love! Send money!

6 years later....

10 years later....

13 years later
We are all wondering where S.P. is. Not hearing from her for the past 3 years has many of us losing hope but mark my word! She is somewhere preparing for her greatest attack yet. Any moment now, folks but the money has to keep rolling in. How will you feel if she comes ready to Save this great nation and her well is dry? That will be like a knife to her heart! Don't you care about America??

Anonymous said...

Bosman, I agree. Christie can't hold his tongue, and it would do him in. You see the way he berates practically everyone. I guess they want to see him do that to Hillary.

I'm very disappointed in him after what he did to Romney. His self-involved convention speech was the first shot. Then he outright embraced Obama, and said the most important election of our time somehow 'didn't matter".

I don't trust him, and I can't see myself supporting him at all now.


Anonymous said...

Aren't we glad Romney didn't choose him for VP? Romney saw what I didn't see: A big loudmouth only in it for himself.