Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sec of State Hillary Clinton Testimony at the Benghazi Hearings (Full videos 03-23-13)

In her first testimony since the Benghazi attack, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton participates in a full day of hearings Wednesday about U.S. diplomatic security and the American mission in Libya. 
Sec. Clinton appeared before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in the morning and provided an afternoon testimony to the House Foreign Affairs Committee:
Senate Foreign Relations Committee Testimony:

The House Foreign Affairs Committee Testimony:

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Anonymous said...

After waiting so long, why did Republicans blow it? It makes me mad! They were not prepared to ask the right questions. They wanted to hear themselves talk rather than get to the truth.


leighrow said...

This hearing just shows the disorganization within the GOP. Boehner and McConnel need to go. Boehner and McConnel should have met with those on the committee and coached them on how to ask pointed questions. I am fed up with the GOP!!!!