Thursday, January 10, 2013

Paul Ryan: 'I've decided not to decide' on a 2016 presidential run

U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan hasn't ruled out running for president in 2016. 
"I've decided not to decide," Ryan told the State Journal on Wednesday when asked about a possible presidential run. 
For now, Ryan said he and his family are enjoying settling back down in his hometown, Janesville, after traveling around the country last year while he was the Republican vice presidential hopeful and running mate to Mitt Romney. 
And Ryan, who has returned to his post as House Budget Committee chairman, said he is currently focused on addressing fiscal issues facing the country and trying to "avoid a debt crisis."
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Anonymous said...

I like Paul Ryan, and I still believe he was a great VP pick. The majority of the American people are BS crazy, IMO, to pass on the only two people who really had a shot at fixing the mess in DC. Sigh.

I like Ryan because he's smart, serious, and trustworthy. Is there anyone in Washington who understands the enormous budget/fiscal crisis better than Ryan? I doubt it. I also do not believe he has the ego of so many other leaders, and therefore, I believe he is someone to seriously consider.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Martha. Unfortunately, we may be at the point where good and competent is not a recommendation for higher office any more. Unaccomplished is liked better.

Did you see that Bill Clinton was awarded Father of the Year by someone? I didn't have the heart to read the article. Who would ever think of him as that?