Friday, January 25, 2013

Paul Ryan: I'm Back!

Former vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan has intentionally kept a low profile since Election Day, but the Wisconsin Republican is settling back in to his role as the GOP's budget guru and establishing for himself a new leadership role in the fiscal fights ahead. 
"I wanted to stay out of it from the election to the inauguration because I thought that was sort of the polite thing to do," Ryan told reporters at a roundtable hosted by The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday. "Obviously, the inauguration is over so we're here talking." 
Ryan said he e-mails regularly with former running mate Mitt Romney and the two men plan to have lunch soon. Romney's role in the Republican Party will be "whatever he wants to do" and Ryan said that Romney is still mulling what role he wants to play. One thing is certain for the former Massachusetts governor: "He's obviously not thinking about doing any other races." 
Ryan shot down a reporter's question about his potential presidential aspirations. "No," he laughed. "I just finished one of those."
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Anonymous said...

I like Paul Ryan because I believe he is sincere and has integrity. Unlike so many in Washington Ryan doesn't appear to let power corrupt him. He knows what he's talking about, and is a realist. I don't know if he will ever run for pres., but I would be very open to supporting him in the future because he's a decent, smart guy, who does his homework.

Rubio seems to be getting the attention, but he's no where near as qualified or ready as Ryan.

Jindal I can do without--he's better on paper than in real life.

McDonnell is interesting because he also seems serious, decent, and has a good record.

But I continue to believe that a person does not exist who can get through to the majority of Americans who are asleep at the wheel.


Anonymous said...


I personally think it is inevitable,especially after this election that the media,Hollywood and the low information voters will install Hillary in 2016 as president.

I apologize for my tone but I still can't believe Romney lost. By the way check out the data below regarding election fraud. I pasted this from another site.

From Bill O'Reilly's message board:

Most everyone suspected fraud, but these numbers prove it and our government and media refuse to do anything about it.

As each state reported their final election details, the evidence of voter fraud is astounding. Massive voter fraud has been reported in areas of OH and FL, with PA, WI and VA, all are deploying personnel to investigate election results.

Here are just a few examples of what has surfaced with much more to come.

* In 59 voting districts in the Philadelphia region, Obama
received 100% of the votes with not even a single vote recorded for
Romney. (A mathematical and statistical impossibility).

* In 21 districts in Wood County Ohio, Obama received 100% of
the votes where GOP inspectors were illegally removed from their
polling locations - and not one single vote was recorded for Romney.
(Another statistical impossibility).

* In Wood County Ohio, 106,258 voted in a county with only
98,213 eligible voters.

* In St. Lucie County, FL, there were 175,574 registered
eligible voters but 247,713 votes were cast.

* The National SEAL Museum, a polling location in St. Lucie
County, FL had a 158% voter turnout.

* Palm Beach County, FL had a 141% voter turnout.

* In Ohio County, Obama won by 108% of the total number of
eligible voters.

NOTE: Obama won in every state that did not require a Photo ID and lost in every state that did require a Photo ID in order to vote.

Imagine that!

Anonymous said...

About voter fraud, I was in school about a month before the election when a student came up to me and asked me to register to vote, so Obama could be reelected. I told him I was already registered, and he said it was not a problem, just register again. Then I told him I voted by mail, since he was still kind of insistent, and he only dropped it when I started to walk away headed late for class.

Didn't think about this until afterward and wondered if it's possible to register twice and how many people did it. I guess it's pretty common with all these community organizations.

Anonymous said...

leighrow, those numbers are incredible, sadly. Thank you for the info. I've seen bits and pieces, but have not really investigated it. Although on election night, I was highly suspect of it immediately.

I remember my sister saying something before the election about how Stephanie Cutter had a telling response, and a little smirk on her face one day close to the election saying Obama would win--a no worries type comment. My sister said she felt it was obvious Cutter knew something.

So yeah, no doubt Obama would do whatever to win, and had plenty of time to organize it. It only needs to be in a few key states to be effective. Just as your numbers suggest.

So disgusting that no one cares.


Anonymous said...

Leighrow, I also agree with you that Hillary will be installed without much difficulty. Did you see the Senate slobber all over her the other day?

Rand Paul was doing the Lord's work when he said what needed to be said right to her face. Unfortunately, she's gotten away with every scandal so far--some of which were breathtakingly incriminating.



Anonymous said...

Bosman, I just read Ryan's speech today. Wonderful. He just might make me rethink my despair. Almost.