Sunday, January 27, 2013

Debate among Republicans on splitting Electoral Votes

Republican lawmakers in several states are promoting legislation that could drastically reshape the presidential battleground to the party's advantage, but the proposals are stirring stiff opposition in some GOP circles. 
Conservative critics say that incipient moves to allot Electoral College votes by congressional district, rather than by awarding a state's full support to whoever wins the popular vote there, would underscore the GOP's vulnerabilities at a time when the party is attempting to widen its base of support. 
States considering such a change include Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Virginia lawmakers could vote on a plan next week. 
"This is not a viable pathway for the party to win nationally," said former Republican national chairman Mike Duncan, who was in Charlotte with other party leaders for strategy discussions in the aftermath of November's election losses. "We have to learn to win with statewide coalitions, not just to win congressional districts."
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Here are a few high profile Republicans against the idea:

Haley Barbour against electoral college change

Bob McDonnell Comes Out Against GOP Electoral College-Rigging Plan

I for one am for it. Until there is a change, large urban areas like Detroit, Cleveland, Miami, NYC, Philadelphia, Chicago, LA..... just as examples, will determine who our Presidents should be in their states. Those folks in rural area of those states might just as well stay home than cast a vote.

Maybe we should all just pick-up and head for the big cities to live if we want are votes to count....IS THAT IT?

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Anonymous said...

The best path to win the American heart is to change some policy, as to stand with all class of American people not just the meddle class, we must be there to help every bodies when they need help, when they got help they will believe us, when they believe us they will stand with us,help hope and heart are the wining ticket.