Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Awh...sniff..sniff..NYT and TIME announce major layoffs

And in both cases, it's due to "rapidly declining advertising revenue."
Is this a case of all these capitalistic entities getting tired of being demonized by these liberal outfits? What's that old saying, "As you make your bed, so you must lie in it".
As many as 700 -- almost ten-percent of the overall staff -- are on the chopping block at Time Magazine. According to New York Magazine, a whole herd of top-level sacred cows at the New York Times will be given the non-choice of a buyout or a forced layoff within the next few weeks. 
This is what you call going down with the ship. Time and the NYT are Exhibits A and B in the case to expose everything wrong and self-defeating with today's mainstream media. Rather than do the job honestly (which would undoubtedly improve the customer base), and wake up to the reality that the Internet has removed the monopolistic distribution bottleneck on the flow of information that kept them alive for so long, both publications chose instead to double down when it came to pushing a left-wing agenda.
Read the whole story HERE.

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Dave said...

The Leftists at Time and the NYT will all be without a job when the economy goes under.

They'll find a way to blame Republicans for it.

Anonymous said...

We won't miss these pseudo journalists. If they find themselves with lots of time on their hands, they could really try to find out what happened in Benghazi or with Fast and Furious, but the msm is so biased they probably couldn't win a pulitzer by bringing a democrat pres down, anyway. Have fun on the unemployment lines you are partly responsible for, guys. You deserve it. Wish we had a guy who actually cares about jobs now? Now that it's your job, of course. Everyone else's didn't matter, but now jobs do.


Anonymous said...

This country don't want prosperity, don't want success, and don't want better life,they want to be poor, to be failure,and unemployment for Obama free staff, free to stay home for welfare and free for every thing, the hope and change Obama dream was come true, so we have to stay hungry and poor free for the next 4 years until Obama achieved his diamond spoon and he get out of the way so American can start a new dream for better future.