Monday, December 17, 2012

The Media wants to use NewTown, CT to take your guns away

Listen to this video on CNN between Soledad O'Brien & Rep Mary Bono Mack (R-CA):


See how O'Brien totally disregarded any efforts by Bono-Mack to bring mental health issues into conversation.
....Like Rep. Nadler and every other leftist in the country, CNN wants to make our country less safe through the taking of guns, because the overall goal is the same: to make us less self-reliant and more dependent on the government for everything -- including our own personal safety and our ability to protect our loved ones. 
But if the media's going to maximize their effectiveness in pursuing this goal, it simply must make sure that no other attractive ideas or policies are discussed or debated, other than gun control. The media must shut down debate and shape The Narrative in a way that makes it appear to the public as though there's only one consensus and solution to this problem -- their solution....
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As political pundit Pat Caddell has so eloquently stated in recent interviews, America's broadcast news media is public enemy number one.

CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN & FOX are legally obligated to operate their government-sponsored bully pulpits "in the public interest", in exchange for their free use of the public airwaves.

For decades, these news networks have spit, peed and crapped upon that obligation by spewing around-the-clock propaganda, lies and trivia.

Even worse is the fact that Presidents, Senators & Congressmen haven't held the networks accountable for grossly abusing their broadcasting privileges.

But the absolute worst part of all is that Americans, especially conservative Americans, HAVEN'T STOOD UP for their constitutional right to free speech on the public airwaves and equal protection under the law.

One of these days, Americans will wake up to the fact that the broadcast airwaves - just like rivers, lakes, beaches & parks - don't belong to private corporations and don't belong to the government.

They'll realize that the broadcast airwaves belong - lock, stock, and barrel - to the American people.

Hopefully, when that day finally comes, it won't be too late.