Monday, December 10, 2012

Sen Bob Corker (R-TN) and others seem to be ready to cave on Tax increases for top earners

...Sen. Corker said there is a growing body of Republicans, including himself, who believe the best route to take is to give in to President Obama’s tax rate increase on the top two percent of wage earners. He said, “There is a growing group of folks that are looking at this and realizing that we don’t have a lot of cards as it relates to the tax issue before year-end. […] So a lot of people are putting forth a theory, and I actually think it has merit, where you go ahead and give the president the two percent increase that he’s talking about.”...
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cimbri said...

Bosman, at the risk of being called a RINO, we should go ahead with Ann Coulter's suggestion. Pass the middle class tax cut, raise the wealthy tax 2%, and kick the can down the road on entitlements. The entitlement problem will be solved when the time is ripe. We're kind of jumping the gun on that. It doesn't have to be solved today. We cannot give up the votes of the vast majority of the electorate in order to save the wealthy 2%. Let's also make sure we get some credit for the middle class tax cut, instead of acting like we are being dragged into doing it, which is what we usually do.

BOSMAN said...

And What does Obama give up to get this?

He's not getting the debt ceiling raised either that's off the table.

Again, Saying that, What does Obama give up?

I'm waiting to far anything he's talking about in spending cuts are LAUGHABLE.


@ cimbri

You're a RINO!!!

Just kidding.


cimbri said...

What is Obama giving up? Well, he's giving up a tax cut for 90 something per cent of the country. I think we're forgetting that the Bush tax cuts were for 10 years, were extended, and are now set to expire again. Obama doesn't have to give up any tax cut at all.