Tuesday, November 13, 2012

This is why America is the Greatest country in the world and why we should NEVER APOLOGIZE

It's the character of our people..like this:
Some 67 years ago, a broken, emaciated boy looked up and saw an American soldier sitting astride a tank outside the gates of Dachau, the 10th concentration camp the boy had endured during the long war. 
The hazel-eyed soldier hopped down and handed the boy rations he was eating. The boy ate with his fingers before dropping to his knees and kissing the soldier’s boots. A radio crackled with orders for the soldier to move on as part of the liberation effort. But first, the soldier hoisted the boy up and handed him a handkerchief decorated with a 48-star American flag. 
Yesterday, clutching that flag in a velvet pouch, the boy, now an 81-year-old man of Newton, thanked the family of the soldier in person for the first time. 
“God Bless America,” said Stephan Ross as he handed a boxed American flag to the family of the soldier, Steve Sattler, a farmer from tiny Unionville, Mich., who died in 1986. 
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Anonymous said...


Thanks for posting this. I remember seeing this on Unsolved Mysteries years ago and was very touched by it. I'm glad that Mr. Ross was finally able to at least meet the family of the hero soldier Steve Sattler.


Anonymous said...

Great story. Thank you for sharing it.

JRTerrier5 said...

Very touching. Thank you. During this turbulent days, it's just the antidote I needed.

Lionhead said...

Great story Bos; this one really tugs on the heart. One act of kindness & compassion went a long way.

It's the greatness of our soldiers to stop and give relief to those they meet. I'm sure similar things are happening this very day.